Friday, 5 July 2013

New Frontiers

A friend of mine who is very fashionable buys almost all of her day to day clothes online.  And a lot of her going out clothes too.  She has labels she sticks with that she knows her sizing in and waits for the sales to hit the online store and then stocks up on mid range designer label items at not so high prices.

Even jeans.

I, on the other hand, have only once purchased an item of clothing online that I can remember.  It is a tshirt that I bought from etsy about 2 years ago with a cute tree print on it.  It is slightly too big, very thin and strangely (as usually I find the opposite to be the case) way too long.  I wear it over a singlet to pilates and this works fine. 

The thought of purchasing jeans online leaves me incredibly perplexed.  How is such a thing possible?? My friend is on the short side so does not have to worry, like I do, about the length of the leg being long enough.  But she also doesn't seem to worry about the online jeans purchase being bum flattening, or bum unflattering or for that matter, bum fattening.

And not only does she purchase jeans online, she also buys dresses.  Usually she likes to try the dress on instore first but on the occasion of the store not being located in WA, she is generally quite happy to just buy the dress anyhow.

As she explains this to me, and I look at her with an expression of dubious nature, my brain wonders if a) I am a particularly odd body shape that finds picking out clothes difficult; b) she is just the perfect body shape for most clothing brands; c) I am just incredibly fussy and picky or; d) she is just super self confident and happy in herself.

After pondering on this for a while momentarily I believe it is a hefty dose of c and a smaller combination of the rest. 

This phenomenon is not just isolated to my friend.  My sister is somewhat shoe obsessed and has taken to purchasing online brands of shoes unavailable in WA.  This is even more inconceivable to me than online jeans purchasing but I know this to most definitely be because I am incredibly fussy and have feet that blister up each season whether it be the change from havianas to my oldest most comfortable ballet flats or the reverse. 

So, I've decided to give this online shopping thing a try again. 

What I'd really like to buy but will not without trying it on
With another tshirt.  And one that is on sale!  I really don't think I will ever progress to jeans, dresses or shoes online unless I am purchasing an exact identical version of one I already have because I love it so much that I want it in a different colour or a spare one for when the first dies.  I suppose it helps that looser style tops are rather fashionable at the moment so it doesn't matter if the tee is too big. 

One cute tee coming to a letterbox outside my house soon

So here's my choice.  Stay tuned for a review of fit and liking of style once it arrives.

Do you buy clothes online?



Kylie Hunt said...

I love the occasional splurge online for special pieces, but only for things that can't be found locally. My beef about online shopping is the people who go to shops to get their sizing and utilise all the conveniences that cost the shop owner money (staff time, space rents, electricity etc) and then they go off and buy it online... so rude. Anyway, sorry, my beef is over ;) and yes, we have a shop and it happens to us all the time. Yah for buying handmade! :) Kx

Anonymous said...

I love your new header!

I've bought clothes and shoes online but I have always stuck with brands I am familiar with and know my size in. My favourite is

Amanda said...

I'm always a bit doubtful of buying something online without trying it first too. I have bought a few pieces, mainly of things I'd tried previously in a store. I bought a pair of shoes last week off ebay, but I couldn't remember if it was a 38 or 39 I needed and the 38 I went with is a smidge too squishy. I buy lots for the girls online from Cotton On Kids, but I usually check things out in store first :)

2paw said...

I carefully read the sizing, talked to RoseRed and tentatively ordered those denim 'leggings' from Ezibuy, but generally I only buy online if I already own the same thing. I am a strange shape and I am picky too, there aren't that many green things!! I eagerly await your purchase arriving.

Ellie-Mae said...

No, I don't purchase online. I could consider buying jeans, because I know the brand and size that I like, but otherwise, no way. And shoes? WTF?? Couldn't even consider it.

Michelle said...

Im with you Iv never bought any clothes online before I like to try them on first and scrutinise myself in the mirror! My friends by from Asos and like you say once they know their size they know what will fit etc. I hope your new top gets to you soon :)