Sunday, 14 August 2011

Flea Market Finds

I was up early on Saturday for a chiropractor appointment so I was out of my pyjamas - quite unheard of pre-pm (otherwise known as am) on a Saturday - so decided to make the most of the day and head out for a wander around the local shopping centre.  It's been ages since I've been to the shops on a Saturday and I forgot how busy it was. 

I was on the hunt for a full length mirror and a new pair of shoes, no luck there of course, I was having one of those all too common no-chance-of-ever-finding-something-you're-there-to-buy-at-the-shops day but did find a nice cushion on sale that was just perfect for our couch.

After the shops I thought I'd head to the local oppies to see if there was any knitting needles to be had. 

And I found lots more too...

a crochet book, a knitting mag and two pairs of needles

a vintage lotto game and some books to put in my theme boxes at school, we're starting transport in a couple of weeks - perfect!

and some children's books for me.  I love Rene Cloke's illustrations so I was pretty stoked to find these three Tales of Oaktree Wood series for $3 each.  The small chapter book, No Flying in the House was one of my favourites as a child, I still have it sitting on my bookshelf to this day but couldn't leave it sitting at the op shop, now I have a spare.  Has anyone read it?  I spent hours trying to kiss my elbow after I read that book (because that would mean I was a fairy of course).  And the Leo the Lop story was another I had as a child, beautiful illustrations by Stephen Cosgrove.  I found the first one at a second hand book shop a while ago and this one is the second story featuring Leo.

Have you been op shopping lately?  What have you found?

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Tammy at Tammy Loves Dishes said...

The crochet book looks like it has some interesting projects in it.

Too funny about trying to kiss your elbow! I just love children's books - the memories they evoke and the darling illustrations.

Michelle said...

So true you can never find what you want when you have a shopping list! Great finds at the op shops the kids will love those books. I've been scouting the op shops for bar stuff for my fish tank ... a few more beer steins and glasses and the fish will be very happy in their boozy home! Have a great week my friend x

2paw said...

I do remember Leo the Lop!!You found such bargains and I also think your cushion is perfect!! I am looking forward to Spring and the chance of a new pair of green shoes.

Catherine said...

It's a shame that you couldn't find what you wanted but you came home with some great books. They look perfect for school and your transport theme, definitely a bonus to find some good second hand books rather than expensive new books. The other day I found a pretty mirror I thought would look great painted for the big girl's room and some vintage sheets not sure what I'll do with them yet though. Have a good week. :)