Friday, 26 August 2011

This week I'm grateful for...

... overbudgeting - when MR and I moved in I was a bit unsure of how much the power bill would be.  MR is one of those people who likes the TV just for background noise.  He doesn't like the quiet.  So I was expecting a much larger power bill than when I was living by myself with him visiting occasionally.  So I almost doubled what I used to pay in my budget and have just been putting the extra into the bill as well.  And this quarter's bill came with no payment needed at all!!  Woohoo, spare couple of hundred dollars to put towards one of the 84 other things we want to buy for/fix/change in the house.  With all the medical bills (see below) I've had so far this year any spare/extra money is quite exciting!

No required payment! Yay! 
And still in credit $58 towards next bill, double Yay!

... morally conscious thoughtful and considerate people - such as the lady who very very kindly handed in my $100 worth of ink cartridges to the nearest shop when I left them sitting in a bag on a chair in the food hall at the shops the other day.  Eek, I have never hooned through a shopping centre so fast when I realised I had left them behind. Very grateful.

... private health insurance and finishing up dentist visits - for the next six months at least (touch wood).  A root canal and two fillings has had me visiting the dentist at least once each month since April.  My private health insurance is well and truly paying for itself this year.  And thank god I have it, I think I've had to spend close to $1000 on dentist visits this year and that was only paying 30% of the total price.  Pity all my other specialist bills are only covered by medicare and nowhere near the 70% mark.

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2paw said...

What a kind lady to hand in the cartridges. Well done with the power bill too, hurray for budgeting. You must be glad your dentist visits are almost over. Wow, you have to pay for your specialist appointments?? Is that right? Very poor show. All mine are free. Have a great weekend!!!

Quill and Ink Handmade said...

Oh, LOVE being in credit! Doesn't that just take the pressure off a bit?

Lovely gratefuls :)


Daisy, Roo and Two said...

I love being in credit on bills as well! Yuk about all your dentistry, but I'm glad it's all over for you now!

Maxabella said...

It seems we can NEVER over budget for the dentist. It's a killer!

I remember buying a new dress and shoes that I just loved and then leaving them behind when I had a snack in the food court. MORTIFIED to find five minutes later that they were gone from the spot I had been sitting in. I went to the Concierge with a heavy heart but discovered that some kind soul had actually handed them in. Yay! x