Saturday, 27 August 2011

Things I'm loving

For my birthday I was very spoilt.  My family, MR and his parents all put in to get me my new pride and joy, a Kitchen Aid!!  I have wanted a Kitchen Aid for ages and thought it would be the perfect present for my 30th.  Hopefully it will still be going strong in another 30 years time.  

I love it so, even though I have only used it once.

Here it is in action making it's very first thing, blueberry and raspberry mini cakes.  I can't really call them muffins seeing as I used a butter cake mix as my base and to me cupcakes have icing so they are mini cakes.  I like to swap half a cup of flour for half a cup of almond meal, keeps them nice and moist for a couple of days instead of drying out after the first day.  My new baby (who I'm tempted to dub Blueberry Muffin after the Strawberry Shortcake character.. thoughts?) clashes terribly with the dreadful colour of the benchtops in the kitchen though, so excuse that part.  Just another motivator to renovate the kitchen sooner rather than later.  Although, with all the plans we have for the next few years already I think it will still be later.

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2paw said...

What a great birthday present and the colour is gorgeous. It doesn't look too bad against the red, they contrast nicely. Yum, such nice tiny cakes and a clever recipe idea too!!

Posie Patchwork said...

Yay, happy birthday, what a fantastic gift. I beat you, i got one from my husband for my 29th birthday, it was a little well done for having 4 children too. I have the red one & we use it for sausages, pasta & icecream, yes, we buy it accessories/ gifts - we do pace ourselves, nothing is cheap with the glorious KitchenAid brand. They honestly whip the best egg whites ever, for fantastic pavlova, give that a whirl. Congratulations, that is quite the family gift. Love Posie

Cat said...

LOVING your birthday present! *swoon*
Thanks for stopping by my blog!
We celebrated my wee mans 6th birthday yesterday so my next blog post will be about a Lego party LOL

PaisleyJade said...

I LOVE your birthday present... and how delicious do those cupcakes look!!

Amanda said...

You lucky duck!! What a great gift, I love the colour. Maybe I should put in my order for my 30th next year :) Happy baking x

Anonymous said...

We have the same colour bench tops! Ry's sister and I were actually talking about them the other day- imagining the person putting the colour scheme together decades ago and thinking how modern it would have looked when it was first installed!

PS. Kitchen Aid (and power bill) envy!

Sally said...

YAY! What an awesome gift! Brilliant.

(Is it silly to say that I like the colour???)