Friday, 12 October 2012

If shiny was a taste

Because we all eat raw egg and sugar mixes right? Right!? would be raw meringue batter.  Don't you think?  It is just so slippery and smooth and shiny in your mouth.

I am all about adding to a word's sensory descriptability.  And all about creating entire new words altogether apparently.  Descriptiveness?  Oh look, no red squiggles.  I still think descriptability sounds better.  And it follows the rules of suffix addition and it makes sense to everyone - unless that's just me - so it should already be a word, right?

But back to the initial lingual argument.

I don't often use the word 'scent', I'm more inclined to say 'flavour'.  As in, 'What flavour is that candle?'  Taste still gets to use flavour too though.  Scent is just somewhat defunct in my vocabulary.

And afterall, other words get to be multisensory.  The kitten can look and feel soft and the cake can smell and taste sweet.  Why can't meringue batter look and taste shiny?

What word would you like to imbue with an extra sensory meaning?  And for extra points, what would you use it to describe?

Last night's dessert


2paw said...

My brain can't do linguistics but that dessert looks so yummy, and it's one I can eat too!!!

CurlyPops said...

I can't think of a word because I'm too busy drooling. I was sitting in bed watching tv lastnight and looking at those instagram photos. O.M.G. Yum.

Michelle said...

I cant read and concentrate on new words with that yummy dessert and strawberries looking at me! So you go right ahead and make up any words you like, just so long as you save me some dessert!

Maggie said...

Is that a mini meringue? I've been to a few events lately with mini meringues, and they're perfect!

Kirsa said...

Oh goody I thought, a word game. I like these. But while I was thinking of words, the sight of those strawberries and cream and crunchy sugar egg made me go all Homer (as in Simpson) and all I could do was say "mmmmmmm meringues"