Wednesday, 3 October 2012


There is a lot of WTFs going on in my house at the moment.  But they all centre around WhereTF rather than WhatTF.  WTF did I put that (insert random object here)??!?!?!?

Currently on the list of WTF did I put that are a small bag of embroidery floss, lacy trims and size 6 crochet hook I bought at spotlight last week and my first finished cross stitch piece (which I saw only yesterday mind you!) that I wanted to photograph to show you today.


Clearly a sign that I need to do a bit of a tidy up.

So here's the second cross stitch I finished, goodness knows WTF I've put the first one. 

one finished Christmas owl

I've been playing around with making my own patterns, plus the book with the owl pattern in it

the next two Christmas animals planned

I'll have four animals all up and I'm planning on putting them in a square frame together to put on the wall.  I do love Christmas craft!

Have you got anything Christmassy planned or in the works at the moment or is it still too early for you?


Wendy Sice said...

You are so impressing me with all your quick crafting! I'm doing the usual school holiday spring clean, and not getting anywhere fast! xx

2paw said...

Such a cute owl,and I love your own deer pattern!! I have the "where is it?" too. I often end up with two of everything. I have a pompom reindeer from The BlackSpot of Doomlight!! And some Aussie apron and kitchen things panels too.

Christie DescribeHappy said...

I'm with ya. I'm misplacing things all over. Was looking for a glass of water I poured.. only to find it later in the fridge. Weird. And a christmas owl? Oh my word, that's stinkin' adorable!!! The other ones you picked out are pretty awesome too!

Michelle said...

Have you checked behind the couch?!
That owl is so cute, you are very talented x
I have started Christmas shopping bits and pieces here and there that Ive scored on sale! But not thought about the decorating scheme as yet, last year it was all blue and silver but Im feeling a bit of colour for this year. Will have to get my box of goodies out and see what I can come up with :)

Amanda said...

There are lots of WTF's in my study whose floor is still invisible under the piles of clutter I'm slowly working my way through :)

Love cross stitch, it's one of my favourite crafts. Your owl is gorgeous and you're very clever trying your hand at your own patterns.

Haven't thought about Christmas yet other than a few gift ideas... need to get through Sophie's 1st birthday first :)

Tania said...

So, so thrilled I'm not the only one WTF-ing abut the house...