Monday, 5 November 2012

A bit of sewing

While I love the idea of sewing, the actual event of it never quite goes to plan and so I don't often do it.  It has been like this always, from when I was at high school doing home ec.  I would have an image in my head of how things would work out and just not have the skill/talent to make it happen.  I can do it, it just doesn't come naturally to me - most of the time.

However, I recently did a bit of basic sewing that turned out just how I pictured.  My best friend is getting married in two weeks and me and another of her friend's planned a 1950's housewife theme hen's night, with a cooking class to make a Mexican feast for dinner.

We themed it in black dresses, pearls and aprons so I whipped up an apron for me and one for the bride.

white and lacy for the bride

spotty and doily pocketed for me!

The hen's night was fantastic.  If you are a Perth dweller and are looking for a fun place to do a cooking class as a group (or even by yourself) I highly recommend The Cooking Professor as a place to go, the food was amazing and we had great fun!



Maggie said...

What a great idea to do a cooking class. I love your theme too!

Sally said...

Awesome aprons... and I adore the dress you're wearing too. So chic. Fantastic!

2paw said...

Great apron, very festively gorgeous!!

Amanda said...

Sounds like fun and I love your apron and your dress too x