Tuesday, 4 December 2012


This year MR and I are having Christmas with his family.  They have a big family Christmas once every two years with extended family and such invited. 

I got my email with all the details about it a little while ago and completely unknown to me, MR's Mum decided that the theme is purple and there will be a jar collecting money to be donated to Transplant Australia.

Isn't that lovely?

But it does bring to mind (not that it was far out of it) the fact that I still haven't written a letter to thank my donor's family.  I think about it often and practice writing it in my head but I never really come up with anything that sounds meaningful enough.  How do you thank someone for the loss of their loved one that allowed you to live? 

However, it needs to be done - it's been over a year now.  So this is how I'm going to celebrate me this year, by celebrating, and thanking, the wonderful people who were generous enough to help others through their loss.

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Michelle said...

Sounds like your Christmas festivities will be fun this year and that is so sweet of MRs Mum.
Gosh that would be a really hard thing to do. I guess if you start putting pen to paper the right words will come to you. Even something as simple as thank you x

E. said...

How lovely of MR's Mum (and the rest of the family).

Good luck with your letter. Maybe just start with I have thought how to thank you

E. said...

Oops hit post by accident. Perhaps just saying that you are in awe of their generosity (the generosity of their loved one) and that its been hard to find the right words to thank them.

Good Luck.

CurlyPops said...

Gosh that's so lovely of MR's mum!
I have no idea how you can thank someone for that amazing gift. Do you have a journal where you could jot some thoughts when they appear? Maybe then you could join all the thoughts together.

Maggie said...

Yes, a hard letter to write. I'm sure it would be a lovely gift to the family (and yourself). Mx

Bron said...

Fantastic xxxx

Sally said...

Yes. That will be a tricky letter to write - not a lot of practice with that one! It needs to be done though. Good luck.