Thursday, 27 December 2012

Playing catch up

I've been a bit slack on the old blog of late, instagram however has been getting lots of love.  So let's play catch up on my life through phone photos...
My apricot tree that used to look like this on the right...

now looks like this after a storm last month :(
My very awesome Dala horse Christmas ornie from Kylie at Paravent Designs

One of my contributions to the Christmas ornie swap, forgot to photograph my
other one which was some red crochet snowflakes

My birthday present from Dad this year, a Christmas Lego scene!

My new handmade Christmas wall decoration being mounted, cross stitch Christmas woodland critters

And up on the wall

Gooseberry crop!

My Christmas present to MR, two bonsai fig trees (our first bonsai)

His present to me, two ceramic bedside lamps for our bedroom

Very spoilt by Sally, a new embroidery book

 I was a bit remiss on Christmas day, didn't take a single photo! MR and I spent it out in the bush with his family before driving back Christmas night so I could drop him at the airport at 5am on Boxing Day to head back to work.  We had a lovely day catching up with extended family we don't see very often and eating plenty of yummy food.  Somehow I managed to not overeat, we'll put that down to the sweltering 39 degree weather.  As to my side of the family, we don't really do extended family things so we had lunch with Dad and my sister on the 23rd and my sister and I are doing a high tea Christmas meal with Mum tomorrow evening.

The weather is fairly dreadful here at the moment - forecast for 39-41 all week in fact!  Thankfully I realised it's late night shopping tonight so I'll head out in a couple of hours once it has cooled down a tad to pick up a bit of food and have a quick look at some of the sales.

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you had a happy and safe one with plenty of yummies on your table.  x


Michelle said...

How did I not know that lego make Christmas sets? I want one! Dont worry my lemon tree has schriveled and dyed in this crazy hot weather and the grass is not far off dying either. Oh well, all we can do is keep inside in the air con and keep cool :) Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays my friend x

squigglyrainbow said...

oh wow... gorgeous thoughtful gifts! I must look up that lego set! Love it! and that embroidery book! Lovely to 'meet' you via Leah's blog! xx Rach

Kylie Hunt said...

Beautiful pressies and that lego xmas is just fabulous :) Loving the look of your stitchery book too. Hope your apricot tree recovers well. Kx