Sunday, 2 December 2012

Sunday snippets

uncovering old stuff
hanging new stuff
more new stuff (from here)
market visiting
Christmas tree-ing
pikelet cooking

More snippets at Tinniegirl's


Sally said...

Love pikelets. Love your fancy wancy paper Christmas tree too.

Maggie said...

The Lettering Book! I had that as a kid too. It is probably still in the hall cupboard at Mum's

Bron said...

That is a gorgeous star hanging there....the tree is very clever too. xx

Michelle said...

Get outa town - I had that same lettering book! Im pretty sure I kept it too somewhere in my keepsake box of things. Tracing all those cool letters oh those were the days :) Looks like a great weekend I love a bit of market shopping x

Lea said...

Oooh lots of cute bits and bobs in this post. I too had the lettering book as a child. Must add the paper tree to my list of things to make.