Sunday, 30 December 2012

Pinterest is an enabler.

It really is.

It's like a having six demanding small children in regards to the levels of multitasking skills necessary.

And like giving coffee to an insomniac.  At 2am.

Here I am having a computer day (because it's too hot to do anything else productive (even though it is now well into the night/early morning and not hot at all)), setting up my new blog and TPT store (more on this soon), purchasing clipart to create things to sell, creating about three different teaching packages for me to use (and hopefully sell) all at once until I get to the point where I need a particular picture to complete it and then heading off to search for more clipart to buy on etsy.

And then along comes a great idea so I pin it to pinterest.  And then I have a quick look and see six other things I want to make/find out more about so off I go to to get started on all of those. 

I've also got two half written blog posts on the go, not including this one, a picture I'm editing in ribbet for one of the blog posts, three different finder windows open as I sort through my new clipart purchases as they are emailed to me and file them accordingly, font book open to look at the new font package I just purchased, a word document and a powerpoint document, plus what feels like 37 tabs in firefox (but is probably more like 15) on the go.

And then I find another great idea on a blog I am flicking through, pin in and the cycle starts again.

It could go on for days if I didn't need to sleep.  (Sometime soon...  ish.)

I'm sure this is not just me...  right?!



faith76 said...

That pinterest is very hard to resist :-) It's full of such inspiration! I love it and can see how addictive it can be.

emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

it's a rabbit warren the internet. i get lost all of the time!

Wendy Sice said...

This is so me! Endlessly googling, usually clothes, because I can never find what I want in the shops. My latest fashion inspiration is Wallis Simpson, and it is a tad tricky trying to find affordable clothes in her style, as you can imagine! :)

Kylie Hunt said...

Haha! Me too :) Kx