Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Childhood birthday cakes

As a child, I loved perusing the Women's Weekly Birthday Cake book each year as my birthday approached, choosing which cake I might like Mum to make for me that year.  Once we were old enough it became a bit of a tradition in our house to choose which cake we wanted for our birthday.  I never wanted chocolate, it always had to be a butter cake.

Birthday cakes are getting fancier and fancier these days.  Plastic icing on a child's cake just doesn't sound like a fun cake for a child (in my opinion).  Butter icing is where it's at!  Unfortunately my Mum got rid of that very special WW Birthday cake book, something I was very upset over as I had a deep desire to inherit it!  Luckily, MR's Mum has a copy that she still uses for her one grandchild.  I'll  have to put in my dibs on that copy.

Here's my 4th birthday cake, the first one I came across when hunting for photos to share.  Those little silver cachous balls used in the necklace were the best.  I loved sneaking into the pantry and pinching a few to crunch away on.

Other cakes I can remember having are the swimming pool, the piano, the witch and the cat.  Many happy memories.

I'd love to see a photo of a birthday cake from your childhood.  Leave a link in the comments if you post about it!

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2paw said...

There is a sad lack of photos of me when I was small. I have one or two. I am not quite sure cameras were invented when I was born!!
My nan made all our cakes, I had a box of chocolates and a Dolly Varden and I think a record player.
I love those cachous, they were like forbidden fruit when I was little. That's a beautiful cake.
What is plastic icing???

Michelle said...

My friend is making herself a unicorn cake for her Birthday party next week ... and yes she's in her 20s! I'll have to share some photos :)

Baa-Me Kniits said...

I remember the party's but not the cake, no photos either I'm afraid :-(

Amanda said...

Did you know they've brought out that book again, I saw it in Big W the other day. I too have fond memories of picking out my cake each year. My Nanna used to make ours. My favourite was the piano. I also remember the pool, Dolly Varden and a may-pole cake. I agree about icing, plastic icing is not fun for kiddies, has to be buttercream in my opinion :)

Sally said...

I don't know that I'd have a photo of a birthday cake from my childhood. I don't have many photos from back then. Come to think of it I can't remember any particular cakes from back then either.
Since being with my love Dave we have a cheesecake for my birthday every year. Baked cheese cakes are my favourites. This year was a white chocolate baked cheesecake... YUM! Next year will be something different ... but it is always made by Dave the night before which makes them ultra special.

Sam said...

How lovely to have that photo, thanks for sharing. I still have my copy of the WW Birthday Cake Book, don't think any cakes were made from it, but I loved looking through it all the time as a kid. Now my 2 y.o. daughter's favourite book to read is the latest version :) said...

You are such a lucky girl, that cake looks amazing. Too good to eat! My mum's cakes were delicious, but nothing fancy in the way they looked.