Friday, 2 September 2011

More medical dramas

I am not sure I like this new blogger set up.  I am finding it very very different from the old one and a bit hard to drive.  I'm sure I will get used to it though. 

Today I am having a day at home after going to brush my teeth last night, looking in the mirror and getting a big scare because half of my eye was red.  Not a good look.  Seeing as eye bleeds are on my list of side effects that I must seek immediate medical advice for, I rang MR who rang his Mum's friend who is a nurse (I couldn't ring his Mum who is also a nurse because she is off in Africa climbing Mt Kilimanjaro).  She said to go to the nearest ED.  Oh yay. So off I trotted with a book to the hospital at 10.30pm. 

Now, it seems a little extreme to go to hospital for something that can happen when you sneeze violently (which I hadn't done) but seeing as I was home alone we decided it was probably best to be sure.  The people at the hospital were very nice and didn't make me feel silly for coming in.  The doctor tried to put in a canula to take some blood.  After five minutes of poking and prodding my arm she gave up on that arm and tried the other arm.  Unsuccessfully.  So she called a nurse to try.  He was very rough and made me cry and also was unsuccessful.  (In my vast experience of two male nurses and one male dental nurse I have found them all to be not at all gentle.  I am developing a bit of a thing against them.  How prejudiced of me.)  So they called another more experienced doctor who thankfully got it in first try.  Stupid veins.  Taking blood from my veins is usually tricky as they are very fine and slippery and don't like coming to the surface to be found but that's the first time it's taken four goes to get it in!!

They moved me to the observation ward to wait on the results after parking me and my trolley next to a sign that said 'Do not leave trolleys in this space'.  I thought this was a bit funny and wanted to take a photo but my arms were to sore from all the poking around and I know you're not supposed to use your mobile in the emergency department.  By this time it was about 2.30am as well and I was feeling a bit overtired, teary and anxious so I had a somewhat hysterical giggle to myself and tried to rest.

My blood test came back alright.  They were concerned my platelets were low which apparently has something to do with coagulation. But seeing as that was all fine I got to go home, thankfully with a medical certificate for today because I didn't get home until just after 4am. 

So, this week I am feeling grateful for..

- everything being okay (apart from an ugly red eye)
- not getting a parking ticket for parking in a 1hr zone at the hospital for 5 hours
- another long weekend
- woolworths online shopping (I'm trying it for the first time) meaning I hopefully don't have to get out of my pyjamas or leave the house until Sunday for Father's Day.  But I'm only grateful for it if they deliver everything properly and it's good quality fruit, veggies and meat.  Finger crossed.
- 4 weeks til school holidays.  Bring. It. On.

And hopefully tomorrow I will actually take a photo of my little stash of giveaway prize items and actually post up my giveaway like I promised to about 2 weeks ago.

PS.  Thank you for all the caring messages on my last post.  I called the Leukaemia Foundation today and left a message for someone to call me back.  Small steps.


Sally said...

Oh my. What an awful evening. And all on your own too. Total suck-ville. Not good at all.
Good day today to hang-out in bed... and more cold rainy weather forecast for tomorrow too so you really *must* stay in your PJs.

Glad you phoned the foundation.

Amanda said...

Oh you poor love!! Glad you could rest today. Take care x

kylie said...

Oh no Megan that's awful. I completely feel for you in that situation. It takes me back to when my Gabriel (he has haemophilia) was a bub and he had lots of different medicos trying to put a line in to give him his meds... including one er doc who was very arrogant and put the tourniquet on the arm that had the internal bleed (and so was incredibly painful). I was so upset and angry that they were treating him like a challenge to conquer instead of a little boy in pain. We ended up with an anesthetist getting a line in his foot (first go). I truly hope you can rest up and relax this weekend. Best wishes lovely. x

Anonymous said...

thinking of you & take care. xo.

Kymmie said...

Oh no. What a horrible time to add to your already huge stress. Thinking of you hon. Also, have you tried Aussie farmers direct for fresh fruit, meat, bread, milk, etc? They are awesome!! Xx

Anonymous said...

Oh, I used to have veins like that when I was younger, I ended up all bruised up after any tests. I'm glad that everything turned out ok for you and hopefully you will enjoy your long weekend and get some sleep.

2paw said...

You did such a good job taking care of ourself!! It must have been so scary, glad everything was OK. Remember next time to forcefully insist that your veins are bad and you need an experience vein piercer!!