Thursday, 29 September 2011

Seven Things

I was lucky enough to receive a blog award a while ago from the lovely Michelle at Jarrah Jungle.  She is the bargain queen and ultimate home renovator, I am always in awe of what she is achieving with her own two hands (and her partner's)

So in an effort to get away from all the doom and hospital gloom I've been experiencing this week (still in, first signs of liver improvement today with the help of some intravenous steriods) I thought I would finally reply.

Thanks Michelle, just what I need, something light and airy!

So now I have to let you know seven things about me that you might not already...

- I dont really like football but I do love the footy show, looking forward to sitting down and watching the Grand Final show in a few minutes!

- My eyes were blue when I was born but now they are green.

- I don't like having mismatching pegs hanging up my clothes so I buy bags of the same colour.

- I 'flavour schedule' certain foods so I have little stacks of each flavour ready to go (for example, a mouth of bacon, topped with egg, topped with grilled tomato, all planned neatly so I have enough right til the very last bite).

- I was a bit of a 'raver' in my younger years and still love kicking up my heels to a bit of drum n bass.

- There have always been cats in my household right from the moment I was born, bar 6 months when I moved to the country and my cat had recently passed away and I wasn't yet ready for a new one.

- My first job was in a fruit and vege shop which I was the best because I am a huge fruit lover and used to put away all the best quality stuff I wanted early and got a nice discount on it.

Now I'm supposed to tag seven bloggers to share their seven things but I think you are all fantastic and my brain power is about at it's limit at the moment so if you feel like sharing some facts about you, consider yourself tagged for the sweetest blog award!



Sally said...

I like the shows about footy better than the football itself too! Funny. Watching the grand final show just now... but my fav show about footy is "Footy Classified" with Caro. Weird.
Loving drum and bass too.

What a yucky week you've had. Glad there are some signs of improvement. Take care.

Michelle said...

So good to know a bit more about you ... I never picked you for a matching pegs, drum and bass, kinda gal! Nice to know :)

Baa-Me Kniits said...

I am a cat person as well and have had one in my bed with me at night since I was 5 bar a few brief periods when I was overseas.

Hope the recovery is progressing, thinking of you....hugs xx

2paw said...

I cannot bear anything football related at all!! Isn't it funny that you like the show??
Green eyes?? So lucky!!
I kind of do that with my food too, I like al the flavours at once from whoa to go.
All my pegs!!
Hope your liver is improving out of sight!!