Sunday, 4 September 2011

Signs of Spring

Today after the rain stopped I decided I really should get back out in the garden to continue on with the neverending weeding of the bindi bindi which is trying to take over our back lawn.

No!  I say.

I managed 6 buckets of weeding (procrastinating from school work that really should have been done instead), still many more to be done though!  I'm actually enjoying it somewhat, it's quite satisfying to see the lawn clear of weeds in patches.  The sunshine is just lovely as well.  Fingers crossed it doesn't get too hot too early this year like it did last year!

When MR is home later this week have planned a big garden overhaul on the weekend.  Hopefully I still have some energy left to get some work done... I have a couple of fruit trees that need planting.  An apricot and and orange - housewarming presents from my Dad.  But lots of things need clearing before I can put them where I want them.

 Pretty blooms on the apricot but should I be snapping them off so that the tree puts the effort into growing rather than blooming?
My itty bitty navel orange tree

And some lovely jonquils flowering in my front garden

Do you know some good gardening blogs for me to start reading?  I want to learn how to make my garden beautiful and lovely all year round!


ANB said...

We have a two year old apricot tree. The first year we pulled all the fruit off and it grew an incredible amount. You can enjoy the blossoms, just pull off those that set into fruit (probably not very many the first year anyway). The second year it grew four apricots, all of which got fruit fly :( This year we are buying a net and fruit fly traps!

2paw said...

How exciting, I think you should save your strength for planting. I love the scent of Spring flowers, I like freesias, are they Springy?? I am a hopeless gardener!!