Monday, 28 May 2012


is definitely my very most favourite of seasons. The colours, the crunchy leaves, the rain, the sunny-but-not-hot days, the crisp evenings. I must admit I'm not a fan of the freezing mornings but we can't have it all I suppose!

Recently on Mondays I've had to come into the hospital for blood tests in the morning and then back in the arvo for appointments. It's a 35 minute round trip to the hospital so I don't like to go home and come back. Sometimes I go and borrow my sister's house which is only 10 minutes from Charlie's. Last week I went to my old stomping grounds, Garden City. I used to live south of the river and they were my local shops. I miss them, so I headed that way for a wander and a massage while I waited.

Today I headed to spotty to take advantage of their 30% off yarn and then found a nice park near the hospital and armed with a ham and cheese croissant, a banana smoothie and some crochet, I made myself comfty for some outdoor peace. Dappled sunshine warm on my back and crunchy leaves beneath my feet. What better way to spend a few hours?


Anonymous said...

Autumn is my favourite season as well.
It sounds like you found a great way to spend the time. I've had to restrain myself from going to Spotlight as I have a bit of a wool stash at home. I will try to restrain myself tomorrow as well :).

Wendy Sice said...

What a pretty place to sit! xx

2paw said...

My favourite season too. Even though it was foggy and 1*C this morning when we walked, by the afternoon it was lovely and warm and sunny( well 16*C!!) That's warm here. I take a cup of tea and a book outside and The Labradors play. I eschewed the BlackSpot Of Doomlight sale. I have too many other things on the go. Some that I am avoiding!!

Christie DescribeHappy said...

Love the way you make the best of things! Can't wait to hear about what you are making!

Maggie said...

Time at the park with great supplies, sounds so good.