Monday, 14 May 2012

Thread Painting progress

A while ago, I posted about how I have commissioned Monika of My Sweet Prairie to create a thread painting for me from a photo I took on a holiday down south with MR at the beginning of last year.

And a few days ago she put up a post about the progress she's made on it!  So exciting, it was my first glimpse of how it is looking.  I'm already trying to work out framing options and where to hang it in my house.

Pop over and check it out!

image copyright Monika of My Sweet Prairie

PS.  I am still computerless, although luckily MR has come home and I have been stealing his laptop to fill my addiction of blogging and silly facebook games.


Anonymous said...

Wowee! She is amazing.

2paw said...

It looks so fabulous, I can't believe she is using the sewing machine!!! Hope you are computer-full soon.