Monday, 7 May 2012

One for the Mums of Perth

Today MR's Mum told me about this website, A Coffee in the Park, which lists good parks for kids to play in around Perth that also have good sources of caffeine (and cakes) nearby.  Highly irrelevant to me as I neither have kids or drink coffee but hey, thought I would share the link for those of you that do.

The site lists the features of the park, what play structures it has, whether it has softfall etc and then lists the nearby cafes.  Great idea I reckon.  Maybe I might treat myself to a hot chocolate and a bit of a swing sometime this week... you're never too old for a swing in my opinion!

Source: via Megan on Pinterest



Sally said...

Brilliant. Thank you!!!

You might be driven to drinking coffee when you have kids ;)

Amanda said...

Thanks for sharing!! I've been trying out different parks with Grace lately and am always on the lookout as I'm driving around now. A place to grab a takeaway cuppa nearby is an added bonus!! x