Thursday, 23 August 2012

Curiousity soaked the cat

Yesterday afternoon I had a bath.  I don't often have baths, goodness knows why, but I think about them a fair bit.  But yesterday I came home from work and got straight into the bath.  I had to leave work early I was hurting so much.  Did you ever get those weird achey bone feelings when you were little?  The one most Mums seem to refer to as 'growing pains'?  One of the side effects of the medication and of the leukaemia itself are those aches.  I've been lucky, only getting them occasionally and usually only in a leg or an arm.  Yesterday's aches however were from the shoulders down to the ankles.  From about 11.30am yesterday to well after midnight, my whole body hurt.  So I had some panadol and ran a hot bath.  Both of which did nothing really, but the bath was nice while I was in there.

Because I have baths so rarely the Meow is always intrigued when I do.  I think she thinks they are a giant bowl of water for her to drink (when I don't put bubbles in).   Each time I have a bath she gets a bit braver about exploring it.  Yesterday she got up on the side and leaned in to have a drink.  She made a funny face, probably because it was a bit warm and decided to go check out the other side of the bath.  So she jumped over, front paws landed fine but back paws did a bit of a skiddy and down she went into the bath.  Somehow she managed to only get her back legs wet - I'm surprised there are no claw gouges down the side of the bath - before she got herself out.  Where she stood on the bathmat in surprise and disgust, delicately shaking her back legs one at a time.  I must admit, I did have quite a bit of a giggle. 

Poor Meow!

Alongside the aches, I have had a cold for over a week now.  It is very sadly not at all like the last one which came and went quite quickly.  Apart from going out to the Hilltop Hoods concert last Friday I have had a lot of 'in bed' time.  I have missed a haircut, Brown Owls, my own family birthday dinner (I've postponed it til I can taste things again), two tutoring sessions and a pedicure and movie with my sister.  I probably should have also missed work yesterday but I thought I would be okay.  I haven't even done any crafting, my hands have been too busy with tissues in them to achieve much else. I can't even have a cold and flu tablet because they interact with one of my meds.  The chemist suggested these herbal remedy things, something like echinacea, that is supposed to boost your immune system.  I'm not allowed to boost my stupid immune system.  If I wanted to boost my immune system I'd stop taking my immunosuppresents.  *grumble*

I am starting to feel a bit over it all. 


CurlyPops said...

Oh gosh that sounds horrible. All the side effects are one of the things that I'm most scared about after Tx. As my docs explain, you're swapping your current medical problems and medications for a completely new set of medical problems and medications, all of which you might have an unknown reaction to.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your aches and pains subside and your cold goes away!
Hilltop Hoods are playing here on Saturday. My little bro is going and I'm totally jealous.

2paw said...

I think you are so lucky you have no gouges in You!! Poor Meow, a brave venture gone horribly wrong. I can recommend Brauer 'pretend' sinus and cold tablets and sprays. I use them and even if it is the placebo effect: they seem to work. I can't boost my immune system either. For the aches in muscles and bones I use Zostrix. It's a capsicum/chilli cream and don't rub your eyes. I had aches all yesterday and a bit of today too. Maybe it is the weather??
Isn't it maddening when you have to miss out because you are poorly.
It is just not fair. Feel well soon.

Bron said...

Hope you are feeling well soon xxx

Maggie said...

Ugh, I hope you feel better soon. I love having a bath too, but for some reason hardly ever seem to.