Sunday, 19 August 2012

One Task a Day Calendar (for us Southern Hemispherians)


A little while ago I posted about my organisation/declutter/tidying calendar I was making up to try and get myself more organised (part of the neverending attempt).  There's loads of them around the traps but they all seem to be Northern Hemispherised and that just doesn't suit me!

I got all motivated and finished it off today.  Not only that but I worked out how to change it into a pdf and how to get it online and link it in my blog.  It wasn't that difficult actually so I don't feel too clever.  In fact, I actually feel a bit silly for not having worked out how to do it before.  Oh well.  Now I can share stuff all the time.  I can have my own little 'printables' label over there to the right.  How exciting!  Admittedly, the rest of my freebies will probably focus around school resources.  But I'm sure there's people out there who might like them too.

So, here it is in all its understated glory.  It is pretty basic, but we'll use phrases like 'clean lines' and 'easy to navigate' instead okay?  Sounds so much better.

Feel free to download, share, link back to this post, whatever you like.  I'd love you to keep me updated on how it's working for you (if you use it) and feedback is most welcome too :)

Thank you to those people who commented with ideas for my calendar too, they are all in there!

One Task a Day Calendar



bel said...

i love this idea! do something little each and every day and your clutter (and stress levels!) remains at bay :) well done lady!

bel xx

Colleen said...

Oooh thanks Megan, I was going to ask about this at Brown Owls :) hope you're 100% now!

2paw said...

Oh excellent, I shall do this all September, it seems achievable!! Thank you.

Kirsa said...

Wow - great job! THANKYOU so much for sharing this, so generous of you. I have printed this out and about to go merrily crossing off.

Bron said...

Good luck with your goals...I have joined in September sort it and have a huge task ahead of me too....but nothing like putting it out there to make it happen. xx

Amanda said...

LOVE it. Thanks for sharing them with us all x