Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Some people go acrylics, some like a good spray tan, others prefer to get their hair done.  No matter what it is though, we all have something we like to get done to treat ourselves and make us feel a bit pretty and special.  For me it's getting my toes painted.

my current pretty love heart toes

Not just painted though, always with a design on at least the big toe if not all of them.  There's just something about it that makes me feel a bit more 'finished' and presentable.  Nice toenails are important (to me at least).  Fingernails, not so much.  Strangely, I'm not a big fan of painting my fingernails.  For some reason the nail polish always chips on the first day, even though it can stay on my toes in perfect condition for at least a week.

Once upon a time you could only get swirly patterns and flowers but these days there are all sorts of awesome patterns and designs done by clever people out there.  Seeing as I am not one of those clever people, I go elsewhere to get my toes done.  But I do have fun pinning design ideas on pinterest to take into the salon for suggestions!

Here's some of my current favourites...

source: Boom Nails

source: becomegorgeous.com

source: letthemhavepolish

source: the beauty department

source: asoftblackstar.blogspot.com

You can check out my other favourites on my pinterest board!


What's your little treat for yourself that makes you feel a little bit special?


2paw said...

I agree about nail polish, within two seconds I have chipped it but I have taken greater care with my toes of late. I have nail polish, I may paint them tomorrow. Very cute, I love the spots and the little hearts on the toes though I fear I do not have the patience for that!!

Sally said...

You have very pretty toes. Too gorgeous for words. You're fancy!

Michelle said...

Love the toes! Im like you I always have my toes painted but not my nails as much. I buy nail stickers (usually from the $2 shop) and they last for about a week or so. Iv seen you can buy nail art pens now from Priceline too.

sarah said...

Ooo! Fancy. I think my luxury appointment is getting my hair done - every second visit I get the whole 'colour, treatment and blow-dry'. I don't really 'outsource' anything else haha. I got my toes done once and it wasn't the best experience so I haven't gone back. Your toes make me want to :)

Bron said...

Nice treats...I don't do it but if I could I would head to the hairdressers every week and just sit for an hour so...that's my lotto dream anyways. xx

San @ Made in Hem said...

I do it all myself. I hate to sit still for more than 10 minutes... Hairdresser? Worse than going to the dentist, well almost, for me it's on the same page of things I rather not do! :D
I love the owls! Have to see if I can make them!!! :D