Friday, 31 August 2012

Hello Spring!

Tomorrow Spring officially starts.  Of course, my garden has been telling me it is Spring for a good few weeks now, with (most of) my tulips happily blooming, the snowdrops have almost finished and the bluebells are just starting.  My apricot and nectarine tree are looking stunning in blossom and one of the three types of ground cover flower seeds I planted in Autumn (the only one to sprout at all) have started to flower as well. 

Apart from those little pockets of loveliness, my garden area is looking altogether rather dreadful (in my mind).  It really needs a major overhaul.  MR asked me the other night where I want to go for our next holiday and I said that apart from the two weddings down south we have coming up (November and March), I would rather spend the money and the time on making our garden a bit better looking, or on replacing our gutters and repainting the fascia (which we did plan do to before Winter), or on setting up a study area somewhere in the house and turning the junk room into a second spare bedroom like we had originally planned.  Another sign of Spring surely, when the nesting urges kick in over the holidaying ones? 

I'm determined to get a bit of organisation happening at home over the coming months, I'm getting sick of being disorganised and untidy.  I've got my September One Task a Day calendar printed off and ready to go for the month and I'm determined to cross off lots of stuff on it.  Maybe even all of it.  Although, we won't hold our hopes to high on that score, knowing me as we do.

You can join me and we can keep each other motivated to Get Stuff Done this September if you'd like.  You can get my calendar over here, a whole year's worth of not too big tasks to do each day. 

I'll be the first to admit, I only managed about three things off my August calendar so I need all the motivation I can get (and really, it's all uphill from there too!)  For some extra motivation, I've just started following Declutterhome on facebook.  She is having a 30 Days 30 Ideas to help your on your journey to a decluttered home.  

Wish me luck!


San @ Made in Hem said...

I've jumped into these kind of things for a 1000 times. I've followed the FlyLady several times and found something similar in Dutch once... I keep up for a while and then life takes over and I forget about my good intentions. Although I do still keep my sink clean! :)
I would love to join you by just following your calendar but there are to many things I can't do right now since we're heading towards Winter...
Anyways, good luck! I'll be thinking of you and would love to read your progress!!!

2paw said...

The bits you photographed look very Springy and blooming!! We had a blue sunny sky and it was short sleeve weather but there's snow on the mountains and September is when the skiers get a good run. I always have such good intentions and just disappoint myself. I run out of energy and won't power kicks in. I will barrack for you though!!!

Amanda said...

I'm in spring cleaning mode here too Megan, so much more enthusiastic about it with the warmer weather. I have done our laundry, ensuite and am going to hopefully tackle the linen closet tomorrow and perhaps Grace's room as that's already pretty organised and tidy (just a few outgrown clothes to move out of there and a bit of dusting). I'm dreading tackling my wardrobe, the front lounge (which has become my storage area for everything I need to pass on/donate/sell on Gumtree) and our study (BIG plans for in there so will leave that room til last. I'm so over feeling disorganized, I now you think I'm organized but I feel like I take one step forward and ten backwards thesedays. I am still trying to locate a receipt for a broken telephone I need to return, have no idea where have the paperwork I need is to be able to do our tax return and am desperate to be free of clutter and unnecessary items as I'm by no means a hoarder and hate having things 'hanging around'. As I posted last week, I'm taking baby steps which is why I like all your calendar tasks above, small easily achievable steps... will be definitely joining you on a few of yours... Happy cleaning/tidying!