Thursday, 19 April 2012

Autumn planting

What to do on a delightful rainy day? Gardening of course!

Yesterday, MR and I spent a lovely two hours of the afternoon, gardening in the drizzly rainy weather.  It was so lovely, I wanted to stay outside all night.

I did the front part of the garden, planting tulip bulbs in amongst my roses as well as some ground cover annuals that I would love to tell you the name of except the seed packets got all soggy in the rain so I threw them out and now I can't remember what they are called. 

 I also planted these two Mona Lavendar bushes.  Apparently they spread to 60cm so they should line that wall under the window nicely.

They have beautiful dark foresty green leaves and the underside is a deep purple.

MR looked after the back yard, having more fun with his chainsaw, chopping down another tree (one more to chop down in the back yard plus two in the front) and putting in the white peach tree we got as a housewarming present from a lady I worked with last year as well as the nectarine tree we bought at bunnings yesterday.

This is what it looked like when we moved in

And this is what it looks like now!

 Loquat and apricot

White peach and nectarine

I even managed to get in a bit of crochet in front of the tv last night, finishing off this little dude.

Meet Kevin the koala.  Seeing as we have no eucalyptus trees he's chowing down on nectarine leaves.  Surely they are super sweet and juicy too?  He's going to be jetting off to America for an amigurumi swap.

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Anonymous said...

That sounds so blissful :) Cant wait until your trees grow and produce!

2paw said...

Oh, it's a Koala!!! He is so cute and looks right at home in that tree. Well done on a fabulous gardening achievement, Love the lavender and the fruit trees!! I await patiently the blooming of the Mystery Seeds!!

Sandra Hoogland said...

Oh, look at that! It's really becoming a garden, a producing garden!!! Yay!
Those are trees that never will work here... Maybe one day, when I have my glass house with some sort of heating system! Have to save up LOTS to make that happen... :(

I can send you my ATC! You're the first! If you think an ATC is hard, I'll swap for anything... :)

Amanda said...

Your garden is really coming along megan, you guys have done so much. Your tulips will be lovely in between your roses. We recently bought some of those Mona lavendat bushes too and ended up going back to Bunnings to get more we love them so much! The purple/green contrast is really lovely andonce they take to their new position, they just take off. I think yours will do well where you've planted them.

Maggie said...

Fruit trees, so much more fun than palms! I can't wait till I can plant some favourite fruit trees in the ground too, hopefully this year :)

Sally said...

Fruit trees. Fantastic.
Love love love the Koala. Super cute.