Monday, 9 April 2012

Goal change

So, I'm giving up (for now) on the recording and aiming of being in bed by 11pm.  It's just Really Not Working.  And that really is the understatement of the year.  I was getting so annoying at myself for not being tired on time even when I'm getting up a bit earlier and doing exercise to help wear me out.  Unfortunately, the exercise is just giving me more energy! Argh!

So,  the focus has changed.  Instead of stressing about not getting to bed on time, I am going to focus on getting up before 10 every day.  Once I can get up before 10 for more than a week, I am going to try getting up before 9.30 and so on until I get to somewhere between 8.30 and 9.  Along with that I am going to focus on doing regular exercise.  As I said a few posts ago, I have done 3 lots of exercise a week for two weeks now, a big deal for super slack me, so I am going to keep that up.  I went for a walk today as my first lot of exercise for the third week.  I managed to jog for 100m or so, my longest stretch of jogging ever (since transplant).  I was proud.  Much more positive goal.  And I'm much more certain I can achieve this goal and so MR is very kindly letting me out of my bed by 11 (although, I'll still try that when he is home - much easier to go to bed earlier when he is in bed waiting for me!) and instead, if I manage 3 lots of exercise a week for a month then he will treat me to a spa pedicure.  To be honest, he is entirely wonderful and he did say he would just send me to get one anyhow, but I really want to feel like I've earnt it.  (Being poor really sucks.  I feel like I am back in uni!!) And being a total Star Chart/Reward type of girl, well, this will work for me and make me not feel like a total freeloader.  And even if my sleeping is shit at least the rest of my body is getting healthier and fit.  And hopefulllllllly, all that exercise combined with the earlier mornings will just get me heading to bed earlier without stressing over it.

So here's to the new me driven by exercise.  I'm even toying up with the idea of whether or not I would be ready to start back with netball?  Maybe just a quarter per game... too soon?  Probably.  I'm thinking I might be a bit too scared of elbows and balls to the tummy yet.  But it would be a nice way to meet new people and make some more friends!  Perhaps next season..


sarah said...

I don't think I have ever heard anyone annoyed that exercising has given them more energy! haha

Do you know, I think you are onto something with the getting up by a certain time thing rather than going to bed by a certain time. Hopefully it works out that makes you tuckered out earlier? You picked a crap time of the year to start trying to get out of bed earlier by though- it is just going to get colder! Although, judging by your earlier posts, maybe that is actually more an incentive for you?

Good luck!

PS. the quiches look AWESOME!

Wendy Sice said...

I haven't been able to do it successfully either, but I'm determined! I'm pretty sure being a night owl is a sign of a creative being and that's why we can't do it.:) It's only because I HAVE to get up early for work and should not look like a vampire around young children that I need to change. And also my hubby CAN'T STAND that I nap after school to make up for lack of sleep in the night. So, I have to do it.

But you could live the night owl life and it doesn't affect anyone. Do what you wish, I say!

Michelle said...

We all want buns of steel done we :) Guess that means sacrificying a few morning sleep ins along the way, but with determination you'll get there and your right team sports might be a good way to exercise, if the team relys on you to be there might be more motivation to go.

Maggie said...

Nice one with the exercise, I haven't exercised since Charlie was born and don't know where to begin. Have you read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin? She also mentions being gold star motivated, I've just read it and think you might like it.

2paw said...

That is so clever, switching your goal and I bet you can do it at the other end of the night. You must be feeling pretty chuffed to be jogging for 100m!!