Sunday, 29 April 2012

Easy baby clothes tutorials

So, I know there are like billions of gorgeous baby clothes tutorials out there, because I have seeeeen them.  But seeing as I know no babies I never bother saving them or remembering where I saw them.  And now I've just been invited to my cousins wedding (this weekend coming!) and they have a new baby so I thought it might be nice to make their baby something too. 

This is where you guys come in...

I need help!!

I have pinterested and googled and all sorts and not found anything particularly exciting.  I would love to make a cute little outfit but keeping in mind it's starting to get cold and I have never sewn baby clothes before.

I mean, I could just go for a basic skirt and buy a little top and applique it, which I'm thinking might be the easiest option.  But I can't find a good skirt tutorial for a cute skirt, I want it to be a bit exciting, not just a circle of fabric.  Apparently she is wearing size 0 at the moment so I thought I should make something in a size 1? I really have Absolutely No Idea. 

Please send links and advice my way!!


Amanda said...

If she's a size 0 now, then I'd definitely make a size 1 item. How about a pinafore in some cute fabric like courduroy (spelling??) or denim. You could put a little applique on the front if you like a some cute trim along the bottom. A pinafore could be worn in winter with a long sleev top and tights/leggings underneath and also in spring too.

Hope you've had a good weekend x

San @ Made in Hem said...

Hey sweetie, start here: and all will be fine! :)
Really! There are a couple of great tutorials in there and even if you hardly know how to sew you will succeed!
Oh sorry, just figured this will be a long night for you again to go through all the links... ;)

Maggie said...

Not many from scratch clothes on there but here is a link to my Pinterest baby board. A few cute things, too bad we aren't coming in to summer, those pink sandle-y things with the flowers would be nice.
Good luck!

Cassandra said...

My bub is a size 1-2, so I've been making cute little dresses, skirts & things for ages now & the majority, are made from free tutorials.
It seems to be that pinafores are the big thing this winter. Smashed Peas and Carrots has a great cross over pinafore pattern, that would look cute with a skivvy or long sleeve top and a pair of frilly bum leggings underneath. There's heaps of tutorials out there for the leggings too.
You could search pinterest for pinafore or jumper tutorials.. there are quite a few floating around & they are really nice and easy to make & look super cute on little toddlers!

sarah said...

I am no expert on this!
The only thing I can think of is there are some pants and knickers in the meet me at mikes book 1 and some girls clothes in book 2. They are all really easy to make. I can lend you the 2nd book if you don't have that one?
Also, the etsy store that I downloaded the coat from has other things too (patterns are reasonably inexpensive)-

Maybe try searching in etsy stores that sell pdf patterns?

Tania said...

Cripes, I am so out of the tiny baby loop - but I do remember all that baby dressing/moving about malarkey. Avoid small baby skirt methinks. Definitely opt pinafore!

2paw said...

I usually knit a hat, or a blanket ro a cardi. I sew a quilt and I have made cut bloomers with ruffles. But I am not in the tiny baby loop either!!!

ANB said...

If you decide against clothes, I have made several renditions of this baby blanket fairly succesfully:

It's basically just two bits of fabric, sewn together, but because one side is lovely soft minky and the other side is pretty cotton the appearance far outweighs the effort!