Saturday, 7 April 2012


I finally, recently, joined the local library and it has been a bit exciting!  I have this list of books I want to read but don't know if I'd like them so didn't want to buy them.  And I went a bit overboard looking them all up and reserving the ones that I found. And then they all arrived at once!  I usually tend to go only for fantasy when I'm buying because I'm almost guaranteed to enjoy it.  But I've got a nice selection here, some fantasy, historical fiction, family drama, real life stories, australian romance and a bit of word etymology with Filthy English - not sure what genre that would get classified under.

I started the Fiona Palmer book last night, The Family Farm.  It's the Aussie romance, in case you hadn't guessed.  Fiona is doing a talk at my local library next week and I've booked to go and listen so I thought I had better read one of her books first! I quite enjoyed the story once I got into it, which did take quite a while.  The first third of the book was a bit too long winded and description-ey and it felt a bit like she was showing off how much she knew about farming, it went on about it so much.  Sure that's the books title and it is about a girl fighting her father to let her help run the farm but it just seemed to go on a bit.  There are a few moments that are a bit too ocker (although there are many moments in the country in real life that seem a bit too ocker as well, going by my memories) and I wonder how well it would go in a foreign market.  It's set in WA and I knew all but one of the land marks and all of the towns mentioned. Once the story started going and getting into the good bits (I don't mind me a bit of a romance novel!) I got quite into it and I finished it off today. I'd give it a 3.5 stars.

I'm trying to decide what to read next, I need something that is not going to encourage me to stay up til all hours keeping on reading to find out what happens next so I'm thinking I might read Filthy English.  I find word origins so fascinating and I'm sure it will be broken up nicely chapter by chapter and not too hard to put down.

What are your favourite genres?  Do you stick to just one type or read across the range?


Wendy Sice said...

Oh gosh, Pillars of the Earth!!! One of my all time faves! I simply love it - it will always be 5 out of 5 to me.xx

Sandra Hoogland said...

None of those books ring a bell... Downloading the e-book of Pillars of the Earth right now.
I love big fat books, preferably in a historical setting, don't mind a little romance thrown in either and love fantasy as long as it's written in a way that make you believe it's real!
I really like Juliet Marillier, trilogy of the Seven Waters, starting with Daughter of the Forest.
My all time favorite is still Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell.
And there you have enough pages to get through at least another month! :)

2paw said...

Love Mercedes Lackey and also Pillars of the Earth. The Year of Wonder is marvellous and I can recommend all Geraldine Brooks' books. I really like books about the English Language and can recommend Slanguaue (may be out of print) and Mother Tongue by Bill Bryson.
I am a big Library user and we can request books from any of the libraries in the state. You can also request they purchase a book and they usually do. I am off to the book shop to see one of my favourite authors talk today!!! Very exciting: Fiona McIntosh!!!