Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Homemade Jam

I am not a fan of jam, unless it is homemade.  Preferably with homegrown fruit.  Unfortunately, I didn't have homegrown fruit to use so I just went with the tastiest cheapest fruit I could find at the markets.  I have a tight budget now that I haven't been working since September last year.  Goodness, that's already 4 months off.  If only it were under better circumstances. 

I made pretty labels on Picnik
I made this jam a while ago.  The Apricot and Vanilla and Summer Berries batches were whipped up before Christmas.  Perfect Christmas presents for unplanned-for visitors or to give when visiting.  Much cheaper than a box of chocolates and in my opinion, much nicer!

Yummy homemade goodness

The Plum and Cinnamon was made after Christmas.  I was waiting on the blood plums to come out.  They are so much nicer for jamming than yellow flesh ones.

Once I get rid of this dreadful lurgy I am thinking of getting a box of tomatoes and making up a tomato relish.  I haven't made that before.  Anyone have a good recipe they can recommend?


2paw said...

You jam looks lovely: both taste-wise and presentationally. I am not sure that is a word!!

sarah said...

As Ry was emptying out the last sliver of the jar of jam you gave me this morning onto his toast he told me, "Tell that Megan girl that this plum sauce stuff is the best thing ever and that I hoed through it" :)