Wednesday, 8 February 2012

My Place and Yours: Outside

I thought I might play along with My Place and Yours this week.  It is held over at Punky and Me.  Aren't meme's so handy for when you have had an(other) uneventful week?

This week's theme is Outside.  We don't have a very interesting outside yet.  MR and I have recently discussed the lack of personality our outside has.  We want some old metal wagon wheels to prop against the fence for our two passionfruit vines to grow up.  Locating some and having them in our price range is proving a challenge.  I've found a couple on gumtree, one for $150 and the other for $500.  Slight variation there! 

on the table

lots of washing today

toys in MR's shed

goosberry bush

front garden bed edging

What's outside at your place?  Do you have something special that gives your garden personality?


Catherine said...

I have a Mr who would like those toys with two wheels sitting in that shed. I haven't really decorated our backyard much but we've accumulated a cubby house, chook house, swings, veggie patch and an outhouse along the way which has given it a bit of character I suppose:)

Amanda said...

My husband and I have been saying lately that our patio needs character too. We tend to focus all our energy on the garden but our outdoor area needs some work :)

Jackie Proctor said...

I see you have a husband like mine with a shed full of toys.
Sometimes I think outsides are harder to do than inside. Good luck getting some wheels at a reasonable price.

2paw said...

Weeds mostly!!! The garden is full of things that need to be cut down all the time, the previous owners must have been gardening mad. I do like all the terracing we did though, it makes the steep slopes very usable for Labradors and people.
The passionfruit here is over our boundary fence: double the fruit we hope!!

Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing your outside - look at that boys toys!
The trick with Gumtree is to be persistent, stick to your budget you'll find what you want eventually :)

Madeline said...

Ooh, I've always loved those edging plants with the purple undeneath on green on top. What are they called?

Vic said...

Phoar! That shed looks like a big boy's DREAM!