Thursday, 23 February 2012

I'm going home today!

I may still be waiting here and it's 5pm but I am going home today.  I've packed my bags and everything!

My doctor is not keen on sending me home until my anti-rejection meds level stabilises after it was pushed up by the antifungals.  Today my levels came down to 12, from 15 so I think they are pretty close to stable.  They should be around 11.  Luckily, they decided I didn't need to be on intravenous antifungals for another week, I got to start the tablet form last night.  

They got me up early for a CT scan of the head, just to make sure there are no mushrooms growing in there. (Looks all clear.)  Since then I have been waiting, waiting for this morning's blood test results to come back, they take a while to process so they don't come through til 4ish.  And then since 4 I have been waiting waiting waiting waiting for the Professor to get out of clinic, hear my results and approve my going home.

Because I am going.




Catherine said...

Looks like you're all ready to go. I hope you got the ok to go home Megan so you can chill and relax back in your own home. x

2paw said...

You are going aren't you?? I was lucky to have Uncle Dutch who works at the hospital and he expedited thing for me. Hope the Going Home goes well!!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Whohhohoooo!! Nothing like being in your own place and sleeping in your own bed. And even better.. by now you are most likely home. See, I knew as soon as I sent the package you would be outta there ;)