Thursday, 2 February 2012


I've been incredibly slack on the Good Things front.  I blame not leaving the house apart from for doctors appointments. Actually, I've been incredibly slack on all fronts.  There has not been a lot of anything going on in my house apart from reading.  But I haven't been at my house much this week and at hospital there have been numerous things going on.

This week I have/had: (including tomorrow)

3 blood tests
(which took about) 16 vials of blood
1 chest xray
1 CT scan of lungs
2 liver check ups
5 days of a red welted rash covering my legs
1 dermatologist appointment
1 referal for drug allergy testing 
1 haemotology appointment
2 counselling sessions
1 kinaesiology appointment
1 Chi Gong meditation class
$13.20 parking fees plus,
$8.80 of free parking because the paying machine was broken
$69.40 worth of prescriptions


0 liver gym classes
because I don't want to infect the other immunosuppressed liver patients with my chest infection/whatever bug it is and also because I barely have enough breath for a long sentence, let alone lifting weights or pedalling a bike for 5 minutes.

However, the news is not entirely dire on the Good Things front.

The day before yesterday I signed up to do the HBF Run for a Reason.  It's on here in Perth on the 27th May.  I signed up to do the 4km leg.  14km is a bit extreme and seeing as I still cannot run without feeling like my liver is painfully bouncing around inside of me like a bag of oranges being double bounced on a trampoline, I am going to walk.  Maybe I'll aim to do the 4km at a run next year?  Who knows.  We'll see!

My reason for Running Walking is because I want my life to return to a bit of normality and by getting fit and re-building up my stomach muscle strength I will be able to not feel sore and have more energy, two things that are hindering me at the moment.  So once I get over this annoying lurgy, I will be endeavouring to go walking Regularly.  At least twice a week.  And seeing as I am recovering from a liver transplant, I decided that my charity of choice would be Transplant Australia.  I am aiming to raise $1000.  I am 1/10 of the way there already!! Just 18 more $50 donations or 45 more $20 donations and I will be there!  I'd love it if you could help me! You don't have to do a big one like $50 or even $20, $5 is just as lovely!

You can go and read more about my reasons and about Transplant Australia on my Everyday Heroes website.  Please feel free to share the link around blogosphere and beyond, I'd love to reach and maybe even pass my target!

A Year of Good Things
::30/366::  For Transplant Australia and myself
I signed up to do the HBF Run for Reason, raising money for Transplant Australia and getting fit and healthy in the process!



2paw said...

Doesn't being ill take up so much time with all the palaver?? Do you not get free parking when you are having treatments etc?? Very poor show I think. Still one silver lining is that when my drugs cost $5000 a month I paid $32!!! Our tax dollars at work!!
Oh I know you will be a fabulous walker, well done!!

Sally said...

That is a ridiculous amount of tests. Poor you! Hope you got a sticker!

I pledge to sponsor you $10 + be a support walker person for your training too. If you like we can take baby O with us when you're well and training... pushing the pram can be good for support when you're starting out (something to lean on!)

CurlyPops said...

Aaaaggghhhhh all the appointments (plus the parking costs) drive me absolutely bonkers!
Hope you get the chest infection/lurgy sorted out promptly.
I'm off to make a donation.