Thursday, 23 February 2012

Knitting knots

On the back of my small piece crafty success I decided to have another go at knitting.  I brought some needles and wool into hospital thinking that maybe I could spend lots of time learning hows it done properly, so I don't forget again this time.

After you tubing videos on how to cast on, I remembered how to knit, and then watched another video on how to purl and I was off.  Except unfortunately I cast on too tightly to get the needle through so I had to start again.

So I recast on, looser this time (or so I thought) only to find that it wasn't really looser at all.  I persevered, until I dropped a stitch, couldn't work out how to pick it back up and unravelled again.

Third time I thought surely by now I will have cast on nice and loosely.  No such luck. Still tight as ever.  What am I doing wrong?  This time I just soldiered on through, forcing my needle into teeny weeny spaces.  I managed a few rows but I missed a stitch or something somewhere because it wasn't looking how it should.

By this time, I was feeling very disenchanted by the whole thing.  I had one more try, equally as unsuccessful as the first three.  Maybe I'm using the wrong needles or the wrong wool or maybe I am just not cut out for knitting.  I think I'll stick to crochet for a while longer.

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Wendy Sice said...

Bummer! I can't offer any words of advice because I've never been a knitter and wouldn't have a clue! xx

Kylie said...

I'm not a knitter so I can't help I'm afraid. Yah for crochet though! Hope it works better for you. K

Fiona said...

If I've cast on too tightly I usually cast n again using a bigger needle and then knit into the cast on row using the right size needles - works for me! Don't give up!!

2paw said...

Yes, Fiona has a good idea. Also, maybe you would like a different kind of needle, made form a different material: bamboo, steel, steel encased in plastic and so on. Some wool slides more easily on different needles.

carolyn said...

Hi megan,
it has a lot to do with the 'rhythm' of your knitting. I know that sounds odd, but if you haven't knit very much before it takes a little while until you settle into your own rhythm or style. If you persevere with trying the casting on, eventualy you won't have to even think about it and everything will just come together naturally. You will find your own way of holding the wool and your own favourite needles. You have seen how odd my knitting style is, but it works for me!
good luck, carolyn

amylynne said...

Hello there!
Believe me.....I understand......I have been trying to teach myself to knit also! I even took a class several years ago and layer it down because well crocheting is in my opinion so much easier! When I knit you would think I had 2 left hands! Lol I still want to learn it looks so pretty. What has really helped me is YouTube videos! Knittingtipsbyjudy and knitting help are some very good ones......very helpful to me....even how I was holding my yarn and needles! Good luck!

Sally said...

I so know how you feel !!!