Tuesday, 21 February 2012

I finished something!

But I can't show you.  I really want to but it is a surprise for Christie of Describe Happy.  We are doing a private swap, my first!  So I am quite excited by this finished thing, so much so that I think I might just make one for myself as well.  Small projects are the way to go.  No more big projects for a while I think.  I like finishing success!

Instead, tonight I thought I might leave you with a list of thoughts that have been popping into my mind that really don't ever get thought except when you are in hospital.

- Nurses are amazing people, imagine having to deal with all those disgusting bodily fluids from every possible orifice.

- How do they remove people who died from their rooms without everyone seeing?

- How many people died here today? (It's a hospital, thoughts are bound to get morbid.)

- How can the catering team still have their jobs when the food is so bad and everyone complains about it?

- How is it possible to stuff up bread??? (my bread for breakfast came toasted on one side and soggy on the other)

- When can I go home?

- Why do I have to stay here when here is where I caught all these germs (5 so far) in the first place?

- Is there a Mexican Wave of toilet flushes throughout the night as one person goes then another hears the toilet flush and decides they need to go too?

- How big is the hot water system that they never run out of hot water for showers?

- Why aren't the beds longer? (they are too short for me and I am not even 6 foot)

- Why is there a door into the room next door to mine with a window on it that doesn't have a curtain? (We have taped pillow cases over it)

- What do nurses do on really quiet night shifts? Are they allowed to read a book? (I asked, and apparently, yes!)

- How do all the people who are too sick or injured to move get downstairs in a fire evacuation?

- Why can I not have a salad but I can have a salad sandwich?

Have you had any all consuming random ponderings of late?



Wendy Sice said...

Oh, you sweet thing! I feel for you with all that time for random thoughts.

During my last trip to hospital I was so thankful for the care and kindness of all the nurses. They were so patient, and yes, how do they deal with all the bodily fluids, it really is quite gross!

Keep crafting and reading and moving on a regular basis.

Pick up a notebook and make plans for a grand overhaul of the hospital system and post it in a suggestion box, if there is one. Or send it to the person in charge, whomever that may be. Maybe, the next time you go back to hospital(which is probably a depressing thought but quite likely) you will find that all your suggestions have been followed and moreso!

Keep looking for silver threads...xx

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Hi Dolly... how are you? I'm so sorry to hear you're not home yet. Boo!! Those are random thoughts indeed... and guess who is excited about what you made? Yup, me!! And.... if I pack it up tonight I will have your box in the mail tomorrow. Can't wait to hear how you like your surprise!

CurlyPops said...

Aaaggghhh I can't believe you're still stuck in there!

I've always wondered about the hot water too. I always make the most of it and take really long showers, until someone comes knocking to see if I'm ok!

I hope you get well and get back home pronto.

Amanda said...

Sorry to hear you're still in hospital. #2 on your list and the second last one have me intrigued...

The last time I was in hospital was when Sophie and I were admitted down at Freo - I cried and cried when I saw our horrible, sterile room. Hope you're out of whichever hospital you're in soon. My maternity hospital being a private one was MUCH nicer. I adored those midwives - they were angels especially the sweet one who helped me through my labour.

Keep crafting and hope you're home soon xx

2paw said...

Yes, nurses are the most wonderful people and seeing a nurse coming towards you when you are poorly is a fabulous feeling. I am so sorry about your food, ours here is quite OK. I do think the Toilet Mexican Wave is a real thing!!!
Here's hoping they kill the horrid germs and you can go home and make some small, instantly gratifying craft items!!