Saturday, 11 February 2012

My Place and Yours: On the Wall

A little while ago I posted about a display of bits and pieces I was getting ready to put on the wall in my craft room.  It still isn't on the wall because I haven't filled all the frames or found frames for the things without them.  But I have had some fun since then deciding on what to put in a couple of the nesting aqua frames.

Lots of buttons and some stickers from kikki k.

One sweet little tiny frame filled with lovely tiny things.
I am well known for enjoying little things!

I'm going to stitch these buttons onto some fabric and then pop them in the frame.

I'm looking forward to getting my little display up on the wall.  MR and I are having a very belated housewarming party in March.  8 days shy of our one year moving-into-our-first-home-aversary.  10 days shy of my one year since being diagnosed with CML.  I'm sure you can understand why we hadn't got around to our housewarming yet.  By the time I adjusted enough to the meds and the new me and it got warm enough to have a party outside, my liver went caput.  It's been a crazy year of shitty health!  So I'm hoping to have my craft room all finished and tidy and perfect and my cluster of frames up on the wall with my pieces of art in them.  Nothing like a firm deadline for getting some motivation to do stuff!

And now, onto the stuff that is actually already on my wall, seeing as that is the theme for My Place and Yours this week.  There's not a lot to show yet.  We are still working on purchasing/creating art works for most of the walls.

This is the first thing you see when you walk in our front door.  It is a photo printed on canvas of Circular Falls in Karijini National Park in WA.  MR has been there, it is near where he works.  We have a (much smaller) old camera phone (pre iphone days!) photo of him sitting under the falls.  I got this for him as a combined birthday and Christmas present a couple of years ago.  It was Very Expensive!

A pretty frame bought on a holiday and photos from that holiday (Dunsborough, WA) inside.

MR bought me this for my birthday a couple of years ago.  It is my first piece of OOAK original art work.  It is a tissue paper, paint and charcoal collage and I love it.  It is only small, about 25 cm square.

As I said, not too much yet.  But half the fun of getting art on the walls is finding or creating just the right pieces!

Head over to Punky and Me for more on the wall stuff!


strandkorbtraum said...

Ohh he really got a you a lovely birthday present.

2paw said...

That is a stunning photo on canvas. I love your little bits and bobs in the aqua frames!! Yes, I can see why the housewarming is a bit late. It is nice to have a bit of good stress to get the house ready!!

Hazel's Crochet said...

Oh wow, you have some stunning things. The Circular Falls, it looks beautiful.

The little aqua frames look very pretty!!

Your birthday present looks so colourful!

Envious I am!

Zara said...

Wow those blue frames are going to look great hanging in the craft room.
Love the Autumn shades of the collage.

Lea said...

i love the artwork. what a super bday present. lucky you.

Jackie Proctor said...

Love your little framed bits so far and the other pieces you have on your walls are lovely.

Lauren said...

love the idea of the little blue frames...the heart one is especially cute. LOVE love Love the tissue paper collage and the picture that greets you as you walk in is breathtaking!

Baa-Me Kniits said...

oooh those buttons look fabulous! We have taken years to get any pictures on the walls that really mean something to us....its a long slow process.

Cherie said...

Gorgeous blue frames and love how you're game enough to put anything in ... so personal so unique. Lovely post ;)

Vic said...

That falls photo is exquisite....!!! It positively glows - amazing.

Love your little button heart too - so cute! Thanks for joining in this week!

Maxabella said...

The colour of those little frames that you are working on is so lovely. Like Vic, I also love the Autumnal photo. x

Sally said...

SNAP - I made M a button heart t-shirt... and the t-shirt is kind-a the same colour as your frame.
Love the painting with the swing. So sweet and super special.