Friday, 17 February 2012

On being prepared

I am not a naturally organised person.  In fact, I would say I'm a highly disorganised, fly by the seat of my pants, wing it sorta gal.  Sometimes I have little forays into being organised.  They usually involve my sister helping me, but sometimes they are solo.  They generally don't last long but I always feel so proud of myself for the short amount of time it lasts.

When the doctor told me I needed to go into hospital the next day I had a mini moment of preparedness.  I packed all the stuff I needed into my case and there was even enough room for my pillow to fit.  Apart from that I only took my laptop bag and a bag of essential nibbles to get me through the truly shitty hospital food.  My sister gave me the ferrero rochers for Valentine's Day to cheer me up about hospital stays and bronchoscopies.  I also bought a bag of stone fruit.  Can't go without my fruit!

I even managed to fit a little bag of crafty stuff into my case.  However, not much has been happening on that front.  I thought that maybe I would be skilled enough now to just make a bit of a laceyish scarf myself without any pattern needed.  After three attempts I gave up that idea.  Back to patterns and copying stuff other people have designed for those not so talented.

Hospital wise, I'm here for another few days at least.  They've found some bugs in my lungs and started treating them but still haven't worked out what's going on with my liver.  I had a CT scan of it today and tomorrow I am off for an MRI.  I'm hoping they will let me have day release on Sunday to go to Brown Owls.  Apparently it shouldn't be a problem so long as I'm feeling ok.  Fingers crossed!




Christie, Describe Happy said...

Sorry to hear you are in the hospital, but great that it sounds like you will be able to leave soon. I'm trying to finish up my little somethings for you so you can have a welcome home from the hospital package in your hands soon. Be well!!

CurlyPops said...

Aaaggghh fingers definitely crossed that you can make it to Brown Owls and that you get outta there pronto!

Colleen said...

Hi Megan
Sorry you're back in hospital :-( :-( I hope to see you on Sunday!
Bestest and more

2paw said...

Hope they let you out soon, good as new (so to speak). Oh I love those Cheds biscuits. I am sure they are terribly bad for me, I just buy them every now and then for morning tea with The GardyGardeners. I don't mind hospital food, though I expect the novelty has worn off for you. Damn those bugs. I think it is a b it much to expect yourself to design a new pattern when you are poorly!!

Sally said...

I am a very disorganised person too. I'm so glad you've got your laptop and crochet. The most important things to have with you when there is nothing else to do.
Hope to see you Sunday. Do you need a lift???