Friday, 15 July 2011

Books vs Movies

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I know this is an age old argument but I much prefer books to movies.  I particularly don't like watching movies of books I have enjoyed enough to reread many times.  I understand that you can't fit a whole book into a 3 hour time slot and bits have to be cut but it's when they change very minor details that they really didn't need to change that I get grumpy.  I really am not the person to be watching a book-movie with, I would annoy you greatly. Little things like using a chain in the movie when in the book it was a rope (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban).  Or giving a character blonde hair when in the movie she has black (The Golden Compass/Northern Lights).  It bugs me.

I saw the first Harry Potter movie at the cinema and I haven't chosen to watch one since.  I have seen bits and pieces of some of the other ones at friends' houses when they were watching it or when it was on TV and I was flicking channels.  With all the Harry Potter hype at the moment with the last movie coming out I have no desire to watch the movie but have instead started to reread the books.  I haven't reread them since the last book came out, so a while now.

They are still just as good.  Each time I read them I think about how much planning JK Rowling must have already done because there are things in the first book which don't become relevant until book five, six or even seven.  I love it.

Are there any movies you won't watch because you don't want to ruin the book?  What do you think is the best book-movie adaptation?  I quite enjoyed The Lord of the Rings trilogy and had read that series many many times before seeing the movie.  Although, there was some spectacular eye candy in those movies to take my mind off silly mistakes/details being left out.


Amanda said...

I know what you mean about movies sometimes spoiling a story for you. I too love Harry Potter and my friend and I see each movie as it comes out. We're going to see the last one very soon so I'm currently re-reading the last two books to refresh my memory. Of course with time constraints, movies never quite do things justice though. I too am absolutely amazed by JK Rowling each time I read one of the HP novels - so, so clever!! x

Michelle said...

I totally agree I hardly ever watch the movie, I'll always go the book. With 1 exception - Bridge Jones Diary I've watched her 2 movies and I'm only just reading 1 of the books now! Other than that, always the book.

2paw said...

I always like to read the book, then see the film, so I can fill in the gaps as I watch. Cannot watch The Firm because that Cruise man is not the right person for the role. At all.

E. said...

I have refused to see the Horse Whisperer as I liked the book so much and the movie ending is nothign like the book I've been told.

I think Harry Potter has been done amazingly well. I want to see the movie but not sure when I can do it. And I agree that the casting in the Lord of the Rings helped to make up for some of teh errors. Viggo espeically for me.

I have just seen the Time Traveler's Wife and now I think of Eric Bana when I think of Henry.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

I always have to read the book before I see the movie but it doesn't often make the movie a good experience does it :-) I have discovered audio books and now am able to listen to the story in my trips to and fro to town in the car...Brilliant. Just have to share my books with the kids ones. They are listening to the Owls of Gahoole at the moment, great story :-)

Kelly said...

I find the book is always better than the movie. But I still enjoy seeing my favourite characters come alive on the big screen xo