Thursday, 14 July 2011

pottering around

Today I am all over the shop.  There are attempts at some creativity in the kitchen, some massacring in the garden and some dreaming of future creativity

I have been in the kitchen baking anzac biscuits for MR which unfortunately turned out more like an anzac slab.  He likes them soft so I put in a bit of extra butter and golden syrup - turns out a bit too much.  But the slab was nice and soft and chewy and I just cut it into squares, thank goodness for unfussy boys.  I sent them back to site with him in a takeaway container with a little letter written on the cardboard inside of the foil lid for him to find when he opens them up.

I have been outside in the garden, removing a very annoying purple daisy type flowered plant that is trying to take over the garden, both back and front.  I pruned it back a while ago and then it rained and all these little baby ones sprouted up from around where I had pruned.  So this time I took out the whole plant in the front, the one in the back gets to stay for a bit longer, mainly because the rubbish bin is now full.  I am thinking of planting some everlasting in their place but I have a feeling it is a bit late.

I have also been dreaming about fabric combinations, in preparation for this course that I just signed up for in an effort to motivate me to use my sewing machine more often than never.  We will be making a table runner, placemats and napkin rings.  I'm looking forward to getting the 'book list' of what we need fabric wise so I can go shopping, both in my stash and in the shops for some pretty fabrics.  I'm thinking of a white, blue and grey/silver theme...

I've also been thinking of what I want to achieve with the last ten days of my holidays.  I think a list is in order!

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Amanda said...

Sounds like you've been doing lots so far in the holidays even if it doesn't feel as though you've accomplished much. IT's funny, a friend emailed me a link to that course today :) Love the table runner, can't wait to see what you create x

2paw said...

I think you made ANZAC Slice ten!! That looks like a great class, and it is always much nicer and more fun sewing with other people!! A booklist!! I loved getting my booklist for school, I always read all my books in the holidays, especially the maths ones!!

Baa-Me Kniits said...

My mum used to make anzac biscuits like that, I think they taste better in squares anyway :-) Looks like you have been busy and your sewing class sounds fun. Little Lucy is on her way if she has not already arrived :-)