Saturday, 16 July 2011

Childhood delights

Tell me, what is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of what should be at a fun day for kids?

My Dad has organised a kids fun day for a company as a fundraiser for his Rotary Club.

He has done a great job organising everything for the day even though he is well out of the vibe with what kids do in this day and age as neither my sister or I have any kids yet.  Unfortunately he forgot just one essential thing.

My sister and I are going along to help out manning a stall and were talking about it tonight over dinner.

I said, "Oooh, I'm soooo going to get my face painted!"

To which Dad replied "There won't be any face painting.  Hrm. Didn't think of that"

Oh No!  Can't have a kids event without face painting.  (Because then the big kids at heart will be devo at missing out on joining in the fun)

But am I right?  Face painting is a neccessity at these sort of things yes?

Or if no, what do you think a kid's day wouldn't be a kid's day without?


2paw said...

I am of your father's ilk and when I was little there was no face painting, It is a modern thing!! But today's children will love it!! I like toffee apples,they say fun day out to me!!

Lee said...

I would have to agree! Face painting is very "on trend" in the kidlet sector! Quality doesn't matter to the kids, a star or rainbow here or there and they are happy.

Miss Mandy said...

yeah face painting is pretty much a given these days.

I don't think anything else is essential. Yummy food, maybe a lucky dip, animals balloons

Wendy Sice said...

Definitely face painting and a bouncy castle. Helium balloons would be good. Sumo wrestling costumes and competitions are fun too. And fairy floss!

By the way, I'm not on facebook, but I'm curious to know what is involved in Brown Owls.

Thanks! xx

E. said...

Me - I like face painting and fairy floss.

Oh you mean kids right? Girl Child is 7 and likes having her face painted and me buying a balloon for her which she promptly loses and then cries about. She also likes ther to be play equipment to climb or swing on. she is also very partial to a sausage on bread.

I hope the kids have fun.