Monday, 18 July 2011

Tick tock

I've been making a little list (which is really not so little) of things we need for our home.  Not the big things like furniture, which has a separate and way-too-long-unless-we-win-lotto list, but the little things.

Like a full length mirror for behind our bedroom door.  Over the door hooks for my dressing gown, a square pillow for the European pillowcase I bought for the bed in the guest room, bedside lamps for our room and the guest room, a bamboo ladder to prop up in the walk in robe for scarves and belts, a clock for the kitchen.

The previous owners left their old clock here.  It is bronze rimmed and pale gold coloured face.  On a brick background.  We are not fans of it. But where do you find a nice clock?

I turned to etsy and felt (madeit was sadly lacking) for help because all I can find in the shops are basic plain or over the top fancy ones.  I want a nice one, maybe in blue but perhaps in white seeing as a search for blue didn't turn up very much at all, that is not too ostentatious or too boring.  A bit of a feature for our bricked kitchen walls.

 From L-R, top - bottom: plateclocks on felt, ArtisEverything, Making Time TC

My favourite is the tiny scalloped duck egg blue one which at 18cm is a bit small for the kitchen but is just perfect for the craft room...  (pencils in 'clock for the craft room' on home bits and pieces shopping list)

Have you got a lovely clock?  Where did you get it from?  Do you have any really good clock shopping links or locations for me?


2paw said...

I agree, good clocks are very difficult to find. I, of course, have a Buffy Clock, a Dalek clock and a cheap plastic clock that I painted green to match the kitchen!!

sarah said...

Your blog is awesome when you are on holidays! haha. When I was looking for a clock I had a hard time too. They are actually so much more expensive than I thought. I got my clock from Kmart! It isn't as lovely as the ones you found but I really like it because it has big black numbers, plain white face and a silver rim- but it is BIG... and it was $7!

Amanda said...

I'm hunting for a nice kitchen clock too - I have come across that scalloped one on my Etsy searches too - very cute!!

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Our clock died and I just bought a GIANT one with the map of the world old style for the wall....looks fab and everyone can see the time without their glasses ;-)