Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Slightly pre emptive here, I'm not quite finished, I still have about 10 ends left to sew in, but close enough and by the end of tonight's tv it will be done!
I was aiming for a unisex sort of colour scheme but it's still ended up looking a bit boyish which is a pity because it turned out that it is for a baby girl.  Her Mum is not a girly girl though so I'm hoping she likes it.

I had a go at using Attic24's scalloped edging tutorial which was very easy to follow and just adds the nice little finishing touch that I felt the blanket was needing.
I'm pretty happy with it, and I'm even happier that I finished a crochet project because I have 3 or 4 other crochet things sitting in various states of incompleteness in boxes in my craft room.


Bek said...

Just beautiful!! I made my 2 older kids a giant granny last year. I love making them! HATE weaving in the ends though! I am sure your friend will love this for her baby girl.

Michelle said...

I am so impressed I think the red and blue is definately unisex, great colour choice. Your friend is going to love it :)

2paw said...

I agree, it's fine for a girl or a buy. The crocheted edging has finished it off perfectly.

Trace said...

beautiful, I love the blue and red!

Kelly said...

Wow it looks amazing xo