Thursday, 21 July 2011

Look, a room!

Well, wonders of wonders I have a room clean and tidy enough to show you!*

And perfect timing, our new rug for the the lounge room came today.  On a side note, when I say rug, do you think of a smaller measurement of carpet for the floor or do you think of a throw rug for the couch?  I can't seem to call it a mat because then it feels like I am at school and saying 'sit on the mat' to my students.  And a mat is thinner (in my mind) this one is nice and thick and plush and squooshy.  I have tested it out with bare feet (briefly, before jumping back into the uggies).  Anyhow, back to the lounge room.  It is not finished my any means and needs a lot more colour injected into it but at least it is presentable.

 Lovely recliner couches, the big one is a a 2.5 seater and the two sections are really wide and both recline.  MR insisted on recliner, I insisted that no one had to miss out on reclining action.  I don't like it when only half the couch reclines.  Our new grey rug, hard to see but it has little dots, plain but not too plain.  My cheapy teal herringbone throw rug from coles for $15, how could I resist and a cushion I made last year. 

Please ignore the mess on the bottom shelf of the coffee table (an Ikea one left over from my old place until we can afford/find a new one) and the calendar picture of a snake which I am pretending is a lizard.  All the other months have lovely green rainforest type pictures.  Stupid snake. Need to find a new home to hang the calendar.

My first ever piece of original one of a kind art work.  Its a tissue paper, paint and charcoal collage, I love it! I got it for my birthday a couple of years ago from MR.  It doesn't fit in with the colour scheme but it is awaiting a new hook somewhere where it does fit.  (Notice a trend with the randomly hung things on the wall?)

 The requisite for a boys house, a humongous tv and sound system.  And a car.

We got these owls on our trip down south to Denmark at the beginning of the year.  They are handcrafted in WA woods.  Hopefully one day they will signify our little family.

This box was made my MR's grandad.  Very clever.

So there you have it, one presentable room.  Hopefully in the coming months there will be much more to show off, next week I should have a dining room photo to display after some more new furniture got snuck into the house yesterday as a surprise for MR when he is home next week.

* We'll stay quiet about the fact it is only clean and tidy because my new cleaner came for the first time today and I had to tidy up enough for her to clean...


2paw said...

Hurray, and you have no idea what untidy is until Labradors 'help' around the house!! And those books?? Tidy as.
Yay for cleaners!!
Love the rug and I can see the little dots. I think I know if a rug is floor or blanket from the context. beautiful wooden objet d'art

Anna said...

Ah yes ... a familiar dilema ... I always worry that my rooms aren't tidy enough/don't look like they're straight from the pages of Vogue living/aren't quite finished enough to post!

And we also have an enormous tv and massive black speakers dominating our lounge room! Boys!

Kylie said...

It looks great - well done:)

Michelle said...

Your living room is coming along nicely loving the pops of colour. Can't believe we have the same rug that's funny ;)

Baa-Me Kniits said...

A lovely room and it is not should see ours after the kids have been into the lego!