Sunday, 24 July 2011

Knit, Purl, Increase.

Today at Brown Owls we had a learning to knit meeting.  My Mum came along as the knitting teacher and a couple of others already knew how to knit and were able to help out as well, thankfully because there were a few of us needing plenty of help!

Apparently, (so Mum shared with everyone today) I asked Mum if she could teach me to knit when I was just 2 years old.  Mum told me I could learn when I was 4 and then every month after that I would ask if I was 4 yet.  When I finally reached 4 I didn't want to open my presents, I wanted to learn to knit!  So Mum got out the needles and we sat on my bed in our pyjamas and she taught me.  Apparently I picked it up quite quickly because I had been watching Mum knit for so long, but it obviously didn't stick in the brain very well because I had to relearn it all again today! 

I couldn't remember how to cast on so I relearnt that, remembered how to knit and learnt how to purl and increase.  I'm following this pattern to make a beanie for MR and look how far I got in two and a half hours of knitting, gossiping and eating yummy treats!

I do love learning something new and having some moderate amounts of success at it.  Perhaps it was the four year old knitter in me oozing back up to the surface of my memory...

I've finished all the increases and now I just have to do about five inches of stockingette stitch, which I learned today is a row of purl and then a row of knit repeated.  I want to keep going but I have a bit of school work which really needs to be done before tomorrow... oh so tempting!


Baa-Me Kniits said...

I love the story about you learning to knit, so cute! Nice knitting too :-)

Catherine said...

What a cute story your Mum told you about your early learning. It's such a good feeling mastering a skill like knitting and so good that you have a Mum who can help you:) I hope you get a chance to get some knitting done this week.

2paw said...

Riding a bike, riding a bike!! Oh no, America has infiltrated your Brown Owls with their stockinette stitch!!! Well done on such good work, you'll have a beanie before you know it!!