Thursday, 14 July 2011


I spend Summer hiding from the sweltering heat of the sun and Winter searching for moments to bask in its gentle rays of warmth.

There really is nothing quite like that moment in the middle of Winter when you are outside and it is sunny.  And you have nowhere else to be.

Yesterday, MR and I went to the Swan Valley (just a 15 minute drive away for us) and had lunch at Cape Lavendar.  We sat outside and basked.  It was glorious.  I should have taken a photo but I was too busy enjoying being warm, eating yummy food and spending time with my fabulous man. 

We stopped in at the Chocolate Factory for a few tasty little delights to nibble on for dessert and at Yahava Koffeeworks for a coffee for MR (his favourite brand of coffee).  And the whole time the sun shone.  And a few fluffy white clouds meandered across the sky.



Michelle said...

The Swan Valley is gorgeous on those wintery but sunny day's isn't it ... I might just have to do a trip out there soon :)

2paw said...

The Winter Sun is all the sweeter because it's Winter!! Sounds like a perfect day for you two!!

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Sounds like a perfect day :-)

Anonymous said...

I don't blame you for not taking a photo. Sunday was gorgeous. This morning when I got up was really beautiful too- everything was pink and still but there was a slight breeze (I felt like I was in the country again). Although that disappeared after about half an hour and it is bucketing down now!