Thursday, 28 July 2011

one knitted beanie

Thanks to chunky wool and fat needles, I've finished my beanie already!  Fast projects are the best.  I really could have finished it on Sunday night if I hadn't had so much school work that I had not done for the whole holidays - ahh well, serves me right for procrastinating. 

I had to look up how to cast off and my stitching up the seam isn't very neat but I am not at all concerned by that. I am concerned by the fact that I didn't arrange my beanie for the photo so the seam was hidden but I can't be bothered going and taking another photo now.  One very obvious seam.  Thankfully, this is just a beanie for MR to wear for work.  It doesn't have to be super perfect.

It's a bit long but I made it that way on purpose.  It fits me okay, I'm just covering up my very very red nose from the 9302 tissues that have been used on it today.  Poor nose.  You don't want to see it, believe me.  MR's head is bigger than mine and he shaves it so he likes his beanies to cover ears and go right down to the base of his skull.  Hopefully it is not too tight, which it might be because it is about perfect tightness for my head. 

I did enjoy learning to knit, now I'm ready to learn to knit something that I have to decrease - ooh scary!  But I will wait and see if the beanie fits MR, I might have to make another one yet...

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georgi hampton said...

I love the colour! and if it's tight, don't worry, it will most definitely stretch. I love beanies and i wear them almost every day at the moment (its cold here). x

2paw said...

After my congratulations on a job really well done, I ahve one word that might help you: blocking. You gently soak the beanie in some water, maybe with a little wool wash or such like, gentle squeeze it out, and then you put it over something the same size as MR's head, like a ball or bowl or balloon, and you leave it there till it dries and it is the right size!!
I can also recommend mattress stitch (google it, there are videos) and even more, knitting in the round on a circular needle where there are NO SEAMS!!
Pretty fantastic job and lovely modelling!!!

spectacularfairywren said...

it is fantastic!
did you do on round needles?

i le love ove the hiding nose photo.
didn't make sunday familylahblah

Lyn said... that is what I need. I never thought of wearing a Beanie pulled down over half of my face before. At least that would cover the worst of the wrinkles, eh?
But seriously, well done. I'm sure MR will appreciate it on the cold mornings.

Amanda said...

Clever girl! Wish I could knit, your beanie will be perfect for this wintery weather at the moment. Enjoy the weekend and hope you get over your cold soon x

Sally said...

WOWZA! You're finished already! Bravo. It looks great... and the chunky seam gives in a wonky authenticty that you just can't find at the shops :) Brilliant!