Saturday, 23 July 2011

Decisions, decisions

It is just under a month until my 30th birthday.  Back in January this was a very disagreeable thing for me.  There was much denial.  But with all the things that have changed in my life since then, somehow I am much closer to acceptance about the whole deal now.

At this point, I am trying to decide what on earth to do to celebrate my birthday.  A big party is out of the question because I just don't have enough friends.  So I am playing with other ideas in my head. 

A bbq at my place with a small selection of friends.
A dinner out somewhere with friends and family.
A girlie pyjama pamper party at my place with someone coming to give us a massage and a pedicure with just my closest pals.
Just two quiet family dinners.

I just can't decide.

It will be the middle of August so not exactly outdoor bbq weather. 
A dinner out at a restaurant sounds nice but do I invite my parents as well or just friends? My parents have not spoken to or seen each other for over ten years and Dad still refers to Mum as 'your mother' so I don't know that I want to deal with any fallout from that on my birthday (although after that the next time they have to see each other will be either my wedding or when I have a child, whichever comes first, so either way I'll still be the one having to deal with it)
Pyjama pamper party would be fun but somewhat costly.
Family dinners is what we have every year, out for dinner at a restaurant with Dad, dinner with Mum at her place. Same old same old.

It's a big number and I didn't do anything for my 21st (apart from the family dinners) so I should do something to celebrate but what?!  Also, MR won't be here for my birthday but will get home from work two days later so will be there for the birthday weekend.

Did you do something for your 30th?  Do you wish you did something as opposed to nothing?  Have you been to an awesome 30th and have some ideas for me?  All advice gladly accepted!



E. said...

I had a dinner out at a decent restaurant with family and friends for my 30th. Of course I didn't have the same parent issues that you do.

I hope you get to do something that you want to do.

2paw said...

I'm a big believer in two separate celebrations,: a more formal one and then a casual 'funner' one!! That way family can spend some time dining out somewhere posh, and then you and all your friends can celebrate in a more causal way, doing whatever you please without worrying about being properly well behaved.
Honestly, we're not big celebrators of the Big 'O's or any other numbers. And personally, I'm just happy to make it to the next birthday!!

Michelle said...

Yes you must celebrate your 30th! It's nice to do something a bit special ... if we don't celebrate the small things in life then what is left to celebrate :) If it will be awkward with your parents then maybe save that for another time. It doesn't have to be extravagent, a pajama party sounds fun and you could ask them to bring some beauty treats and foot spas etc and a meal to share to keep costs down. For my 30th I did a wine tour with friends (hired the van and chose the wineries to go to) and my family met me out there for lunch. I also had a 'me' day and had some pampering a massage and facial etc was heavan :)

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Oh a girlie pyjama party with lots of pampering sounds like a great way to celebrate a coming of age.....ask your friends to help out by bringing something and get everyone in on the ideas and you will have a great time :-)

ANB said...

I had a family lunch at my parents' place, then an indulgent champagne high tea at the Hyatt with a very small group of friends. Normally we just have lunches/dinners at home for birthdays, and I have to say that not having to cook or clean up was fabulous!