Sunday, 1 January 2012

::100th post:: A Year of Good Things

This past week I have been eagerly awaiting the departure of 2011 and the onset of 2012.  I often get that limbo-ish feeling between Christmas and New Years but this year was particularly limbo filled.  My headspace has been having difficulty trying to find positives and keeping on getting consumed in the negatives.  I feel I need to move forward but I'm somewhat restricted in all too many ways.

Not what you want to post about as your 100th post.  This should be some cheerful post about the Christmas aftermath but there is a severe lack of 'perky' happening over my way.  Not that there ever is much.  Luckily, Pip is always abound with perkiness and has come to the rescue of with A Year of Good Things.  Thank goodness.

2012, I don't know what you have in store for me.  I'm hoping it will be filled with all sorts of positives and new adventures and lots of healthiness but even if it's not I'm going to join in with A Year of Good Things and do my bit to make the year good for myself, myself.  And for other people.  And my meow.  And the environment.  And anything else that catches my sight along the way.

You should join in too.

A Year of Good Stuff
1/366 ::For my pet:: I bought some prawns at the supermarket for her dinner.  She Loves prawns.

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2paw said...

Miss Meow is gorgeous and has beautiful eyes, and prawns!! I too find the whole Christmas/NY week limbo-ish. I never know which year I am in or what day it is. I wish you a very happy and healthy 2012!! It's wonderful that you are thinking about good things!!