Thursday, 26 January 2012


I am hiding inside away from the heat.  It's a quiet Australia Day for me, MR is at work and I am not at all interested in going out to party.  Most of my friends are childless so that's what they do.  I was just sitting here thinking about how different my life is now to this time last year.

Last year I was looking forward to starting a new job the next day, planning on making new friends and going out lots, house hunting, dreaming big...

The job was great, I did make some friends but I certainly didn't go out lots.  We found a house and the big dreams are still there, just slightly postponed.

So keeping me happy on my quiet Australia Day is

 The neccesity.  It's currently 41.6 degrees here.  Yuck.

 Who can go past an Australia Day without the Hottest 100?
  Every Australia Day the last few years I have thought hrm, I don't have a radio, must fix that but I never have.  So I end up streaming it from my laptop.

 A good book to get lost in

And a punnet of grape tomatoes to nibble on


Happy Australia Day!

What's keeping you happy today?


Sally said...

Air-conditioning and the swimming pool :)

CurlyPops said...

I did some school uniform mending for my nephew, some washing, and spent way too much time watching a Kardashians marathon on E (maybe I shouldn't admit to that last bit)!

2paw said...

Well, the evaporative cooler, The Labradors and three seasons of Eureka!!!

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Whew thats hot!! Billy went to work as its our busy season so the boys and i kicked back and watched TV for a bit and then got soaked out in the garden in the rain :-)