Friday, 13 January 2012

Decisions, decisions...

Now that I am Oh-So-Close to finishing the pink granny blanket (I have woven in alllllll the ends (which took a lot less time than I thought it would) and done an edging but decided that I want the edging to be a bit wider so am going to do another couple of rounds before taking final photos) I am starting to think 'what next?' 

I haven't quite worked it out yet but I have narrowed it down to something from one of these books, two of which I received Christmas 2010 and the other Christmas 2011, and all of which I have not made a Single Thing From.  Dreadful!  The other components I have narrowed it down to are a) something which is quick and not too difficult and b) something which does not require much/anything to be purchased.

I know one thing... I am going to have fun deciding!

In other Very Good Thing news - we have bought a matching tall boy (second hand from gumtree, so excited to find a matching one listed!) for its brother in the bedroom so the unmatching old one is going to be shifted to the craft room for fabric and bits and pieces storage.  Craft room Order and Organisation, here I come!  Secondary Good Thing - new display space!  Yay! (The other tall boy in the bedroom has a TV and a playstation on it... very attractive display that)

13/366 ::For the craft room and MR's sanity::
A new set of drawers for the bedroom means an old set of drawers for the craft room.  Time to finally finish setting up the craft room and making it beautiful! (hence easing MR's mind at my insane levels of clutter)

12/366 ::For myself::
I've started to see a kinaeseologist in an attempt to work through my issues (along with the help of counsellors at the hospital) and get my body back in working order.  Fingers crossed


Christie, Describe Happy said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your blanket.. bet it's great! And how cute is that bird on the front of the book. It's a good question! What to tackle next?

Sally said...

Crafty organisation. Sounds inpsiring. Ooo... those books look good. You are going to have fun deciding.

2paw said...

I love the excitement of choosing and starting a new thing. Happy days!! What good luck with the chest of drawers: it was fate!!