Sunday, 15 January 2012


Today I had a bit of a sewing afternoon with Sarah.  She came over to my house with her machine and we sat and chatted and sewed and chatted some more, so much in fact that we forgot to eat cupcakes left over from my liver's three month birthday yesterday.  Mainly because I forgot to bring them out.  Oh well.

Instead of starting a new project, I decided to finish off some more WIPs.  The feeling of Finishing Success after the pink granny blanket was not enough, now I needed More! 

So I finished off the table runner that I started back in August.  Not too long in the WIP box for my standards!  I've decided I'm going to leave it at that and not make 4 more placemats.  I really didn't like the linen I used for the projet, it was really slippery and hard to work with.  And afterall, two placemats and a table runner is perfect for me and MR!

I backed it with a slightly odd choice of fabric but my theory was that this way I have two very different table runners. The blue/red/white side for fancy and also I can use it at Christmas, and the tree side for everyday use.  Brownish background so a few spills or crumbs or dust don't show up so much.  And the trees are just so pretty!

And then I got continuing on with a pink Christmas stocking for my sister which is almost, almost finished, except I am up to the lining bit and that always makes my brain hurt so I decided to have a break.  And now it's dinner time and I'm looking forward to watching August Rush on TV, it looks like it has potential!

It was so good having a bit of a sewing afternoon, I really need motivating to do sewing for some reason.  I hardly ever just get out the machine and get sewing.  Having a friend to sew with makes all the difference.  Sarah was working on a quilt top which looked just so lovely I don't think it will be long before I am asking her to help me have a go at making one!  I've left everything set up on the dining room table.  No putting it away just yet.  More sewing tomorrow afternoon after I'm finished with hospital appointments.  Hopefully, anyway!


Amanda said...

Sounds like a great afternoon. I always find it more motivating to craft with a friend too. Your table runner looks great. I like the pattern.

2paw said...

I agree, having a crafty friend with you always makes everything fun. The trees are very cute and I think it is clever to have tow 'good' sides!!

sarah said...

I forgot to say Happy Liversary (too busy giggling at the thought of 'Liver Gym'). Hope you got home with time to spare after the boring old hospital today.