Friday, 6 January 2012

A Year of Good Things

As you may have noticed, I have joined in with Pip's endeavour to do A Year of Good Things.

And really, this post is just to rave on about how truly awesome it is!  I have been planning Good Things to do in my head and getting all excited about them.  I am Miss Do-Gooder-to-the-Max

Of course, I've always tried to do good things and be a nice person but some days I'm sure I would have missed due to be Major Crankypants or Miss Sookybum or just because I didn't leave the house.  Actively planning Good Things makes me feel happy so Crankypants and Sookybum me are minimised (always a good thing)

Today I did all sorts of awesome Good Things.  I couldn't just stop at one.  I did the one thing I had planned but then I just kept going.  I was paying my parking ticket at the hospital (again, I'm sure I should have an allocated bay with my name by now) and the lady next to me didn't have enough change for her ticket (hospital parking is ridiculously expensive) so I gave her $1.40.  And then on my way to the shops I was a Good and Nice Driver and let people in four times (they all thank-you-waved, people are learning)  And on my way home I let the windscreen washer at the traffic lights person do my windscreen.  He looked like he wasn't having a good day and seeing as I was after all the Good Things I thought why not help him out too.  Good Stuff is TOTES AWSE! (I feel so old typing that because I would so never say 'awse' aloud)

It's so nice to do Good Stuff without expecting anything in return.  Think of all the good karma going around Australia at the moment with people doing Good Things left, right and centre.  I will happily receive a dose of good karma in the form of settling in to my new Leukaemia medication easily and without too many side effects.  Fingers majorly crossed.  Apparently I might have to go back on it at the end of the month.  I was hoping for another month or two off it.  Stupid leukaemia medication.  I am quite anti it now, even though I know it will save my life, I am dubious because it tried to kill me once already.  So I am suspicious.  And wary.  And quite unenthused about it, even though it will be a different type to the one I was on that chewed up and spat out my liver.  My haemotologist appointment is on Monday so keep your fingers crossed for me as well!

A Year of Good Things

6/366 ::For myself::
I was lucky enough to win a $150 gift voucher for Rebel Sport from the lovely ladies at Alice Becomes just before Christmas and I spent it today on some motivating exercise stuff.  A Zumba package with hand weights, a fit ball and some exercise shorts and pants.  Getting fit here I come! (Just a bit slowly and Zumba might have to wait a few more weeks...)


Fruitful Fusion said...

I LOOOOOOVE ZUMBA!!!! You'll love it too I'm sure!

2paw said...

Hope your new medication is fine. I like to let people in, or out when I'm driving and I am always so pleased when someone waves me through into the flow of traffic.

Sally said...

A year of good things just sounds so wonderful. I love letting people in and then getting a thank you wave. Makes my day every time.