Wednesday, 4 January 2012

2012: the year of creativity?

So I deliberately didn't include creativity in my list of New Years Resolutions because that was going to make the list just waaaayy too long.  There's just so much I want to make but I'm just a teeny bit lazy about getting on with it.  Reading other people's blogs with all the crafty stuff they have made inspires me but by the time I finish reading them all I'm ready for bed!  But I do have a few goals this year in the creative stakes.

  • WIPs - finish them!
    - in particular... the pink granny blanket that was started over a year ago.
    - the granny squares from when I very first learnt to crochet need to  be turned into something.
    - the granny square scarf needs finishing (noticing a crochet theme here?)
    - finish off my table runner, placemats and coasters set.
    - finish off my cloud mobile I started about three years ago.
    - finish a poor arm and faceless sock meow that has been sitting around for a couple of years

  • New Craftiness
    - make some more of my woodland pin cushions, including one for myself!
    - make some more lanyards and open an etsy store to sell them in
    - do some more ceramics work, I would love to make lots more of these coasters, if I can find somewhere I can make use of a workshop with a kiln and access to glazes!
    - make three more Christmas stockings for the rest of my family and MR
    - I would also really like to learn how to make patterns and make some new clothes for me.  I don't often find patterns I like in the shops but have some old clothes that are no longer wearable that I would love to pull apart and make patterns of.
    - make a crochet sleeveless cardi/shrug type thing for myself
    - do a mosaiced house number to hang over our door
    - knit something else (for me this time), now that I have learnt to knit!
    - start a blue crochet ripple blanket (but not until the two other crochet blankets are done) for my couch

Wow, it's a long list.  I suppose I should get off here and get started!



Christie, Describe Happy said...

You have a great list of things going there and I like all the colors. And I have to say that your little pincushion really caught my attention. Happy Creative Year! (finding you from Creative Collections)

Anonymous said...

Wow so much crafting to do! I get the crochet theme too. I went to find all my squares from when i first learn to crochet to bring to the yarn-bombing thing but I cannot find them anywhere and have a horrible feeling that I have thrown them out!

gnomeangel said...

Hi Megan!

Damn that's an impressive list. I too share the crochet WIP problem. I need to sit down and work out what other WIP I have on hand that I would like to finish.

I love that you've got new crafty goals for 2012. I also need to start thinking about those.

Wow I've got a lot to do. Just like you! ;) :)

Good luck with the list and I look forward to following along with your adventures as you complete them. :)

Have a great day!

2paw said...

That's a great list and yes, I see the crochet theme. Your crocheting looks so lovely there, well done. My imaginary list has things to finish too!! You have many and varied crafting enthusiasms: what fun this year will be!!

Sally said...

I love your goals. I'm finishing thngs this year too & trying to make something for myself every month. Could be big, could be little.
... and this is the year that I am going to learn to knit too. Maybe we can make something for ourselves together.